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The parents are super supportive, always purchasing what I am offering, there to lend an ear whenever I need someone to talk to, and overall people that care. Not just about their kids but the people in their lives. I have only known them a year and it has felt I’ve known them my whole life. Their son was the first player on the team a year ago to introduce himself to me and say hi. It took the rest of the boys at least 3-4 more games until they would talk to me or interact. This is normal, as I also keep my distance, it is part of my job. I don’t want to be seen or heard. It makes for better photography and I’ve gotten very good at it. 

That is getting off track. Back to this photoshoot.

It lasted twenty minutes long right outside of their home. I took photos of the whole family, the two kids, and of course the husband and wife. Simple shoot. It took that long for me to truly be reminded of what I truly miss. 

The connection. The interaction. The bond I have with these families and kids. I knew I missed it. We all do right? Social interaction is something we want so badly right now. However, being around them today just reminded me that much more how much my job is most of my social life. Now when I say that, I do not say that lightly. I have friends, yes. Friends that are my age and we hang out. But I don’t see them often for a plethora of reasons. I see the athletes and parents more than anyone else in my life. I even talk to some of them off the court/ice/field. I have become friends with them and their kids are friendly to me on social media with me. They are not just athletes I capture, they are people I care about. 

I was reminded of this when the baseball player asked me if he could ever talk baseball with me, or if I ever wanted to talk baseball to let him know. I said absolutely, I would love that! And then, the mom chimed in about football and how Brady and Gronk are now on the Buccaneers. Then I added in about Muffett McGraw stepping down as head coach for Notre Dame. It all felt normal, even though I had a mask on and he was 20 feet away. I miss that. More than anything else in the whole world right now. I miss those moments with these amazing kids.

I miss kidding around with them. I miss denying them a photo when they ask, just to take it two seconds later when they seem so sad. I miss talking about the sport they play, the games coming up, or a play that might’ve happened in the last game. I miss showing them how much I care about them and not just with my photos but with our interactions. I may be taking photos all game long and sometimes do not see what happens, but I also see things that people never think I see and I know these kids as well as most. So I get to show them that when I talk to them. I get to mention something they didn’t realize I noticed or cared about. I get to be myself, show my passion and dedication, and get smiles as well as love back from these kids. 

I miss that. I miss those little moments. When a kid from another sport sees me at a baseball game and screams EDL. When they see me at a game and sneakily pose for the camera. When a parent missed me at the last game and teases me for not being there all while hugging me. I am apart of a community. I technically do not have coworkers but instead I built my own family with my job. I miss it. 

I know I’m not alone. I know I’m not the only one. I know these kids, these families, everyone is missing this. I just wanted to tell you exactly what I miss. Why I love my job. The photos are the icing on top. The thing that matters the most, it’s the little moments. The smiles, the high fives, the emotions. All of that adds up to the best job in the world which I have never taken for granted. This is why you always see me smiling when I’m at a game and why I post on Instagram or twitter with such passion and excitement. It matters to me. Those kids matter to me. 

Being around the family today just reminded me that and I thought maybe someone could read this and remember they aren’t alone. We all feel this way in some sort of fashion and it’s okay. Feel it, embrace it. Tell the people around you that you care about them. Reach out. Call. Text. Talk to them. 

I call the athletes I work with my kids. I honestly feel like they are younger brothers and sisters to me. They all know this. They are my kids. They are people I love and care for very much. I may be “just” their photographer and they may be “just” student-athletes, but the way we respect each other goes beyond that. I care about them. I miss them. Sure I miss the sports and capturing them. But I miss so much more. 

I have asked kids in the past what they feel is different about me than other photographers they have worked with and here are direct quotes from a couple of high school students. One football player said “There’s a person that I connect with and care about that I know cares about me behind the camera! The shots are of course amazing, but I think your passion is evident when you’re shooting and we can tell that you care and want to be there.” And a soccer player said “you’re professional but you also have a relationship with the athletes you photograph. you also understand the sport and you’re always fully engaged. I feel like the fact that you’ve played most of the sports you photograph and the fact that you’ve just always been in an athletic setting really made you passionate and that’s what makes you a good photographer”

I asked them this a while back because I was curious. They seemed to genuinely care about me and they got so excited when I would be at games, even if another photographer was there. I have never felt as important as I do when I’m around these kids. I feel like they need me. They don’t truly need me, but they want me and that is what means so so much to me and makes me go that extra mile for them. Passion. That is the common theme and if they see it, then I am doing something right. I can not wait to do what I’m most passionate about sometime soon. Until them, I’m going to do my best to connect with my kids through social media, especially these seniors who are losing a part of their last year of high school. I am always here and I hope they know that. I love you all! See you soon


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#1 - #5 Top Moments of 2019 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/12/-1---5-top-moments-of-2019 5. Julia Reggio 1000th point

I have captured a few 1000 point moments throughout my time being apart of college athletics. Each has their own special moment and means something different for each person. Overall, it's a special milestone that only so many hit throughout their careers. The moment also happens differently for each. It could be a layup, a three pointer or at the free throw line. You truly never know how it might happen. I’ve captured it as layups and now I can say I’ve had two players hit it from the free throw line. Julia Reggio is basically my neighbor and I’ve known her the the Reggio family since I was in high school and even a bit before that. So we are going on almost 10 years knowing each other in some capacity, which is why this was a special moment that I’m blessed I was able to capture. I was also really lucky I was even there which makes this moment mean even more. I had no clue Julia was even close to hitting her 1000th point until SHE told me at half time she was 3 points away. When she first said that, I didn’t even understand she meant she was three points away from 1000 until she clarified that for me. So the one game I randomly decided to put on my calendar, at least month ago, to come shoot for the girls happened to be the game she hits this huge milestone. That's lucky and very special in my opinion. I know this meant a lot to her parents and I feel good knowing I was the one that captured every part of the moment. Since I’ve captured a 1000th point from the free throw line before I knew exactly what I needed to do and the photo you see below is the result. The ball leaving her hands and into the basket, a memory she and her family will remember forever. The luck of me being there on such a big day for a family that means a lot to me, makes this a very special moment from 2019 and it only happened two weeks ago! 


4. White Plains Men's Basketball vs Scarsdale

Staying within the White Plains basketball family for this next story but this time on the men’s side. My dad captured White Plains High School athletics for around 12 years, so basically from when I was in kindergarten till I was a junior in high school. I was his little shadow and got to follow him around (where I found my love for sports & photography). It was a lot of fun but that has nothing to do with this, I just like mentioning that. So, since he was working at the school for 12 years, he captured a lot of different athletes and coaches, however a few coaches stuck around his whole time there, one of them being Spencer Mayfield, the men’s basketball coach. They had a few great teams during my brothers times in high school. Even though my brother did not play, his friends did and they are some of the most memorable players to me because I knew them as people, not just the athletes. Fast forward to now and those ball players are now adults themselves and some of them have become coaches as well, while Mayfield is still coaching at White Plains. That was a lot of backstory to explain that this top moment was when two former players got to coach with and against their former coach in one game this season.

Spencer Smith and Jordan Griffith played together in high school under Mayfield. Now Smith is an assistant at White Plains, while Griffith is assisting at Scarsdale high school, a town over. One week into this years basketball season, Scarsdale competed against White Plains in the Harrison Holiday Tournament. I work with Harrison high school, so there would be no way I was missing this tournament because both Harrison & White Plains would be playing in it. The cherry on top however was that two high school teammates would be coaching against each other. That was something I had totally forgotten about until I captured the Smith and Griffith hugging before the game. That was when I realized how special of a moment this was. And for Griffith, it was twice as special because not only was he coaching against his good friend, he was also coaching a man who coached him and made a huge impact in their lives. Forever grateful I was the one to capture this unique moment since my dad was the one to capture them on the court back around 2005 - 07. It all comes back full circle and the photo like the one below are moments that will be framed on walls for years to come. Jordan standing with his team during the national anthem, as we see the back Spencer Smith & Mayfield in the foreground standing with White Plains. A photo I am very proud to have made. 


3. Harrison Football beats Easchester

I love this coach so much I would put this at number 1, however I figured he would probably call me crazy and when you all read the next two, you will understand why this is 3. Jay Ciraco is one of my favorite people and I am not afraid to admit that at all. I only met him 9 months ago and I’m forever grateful to have him in my life. On the first day meeting me he was already so sold on my work and photography that he was interested in me shooting the football season the following fall, which would be his first season as the head coach. He had only seen a few posters of mine and I had yet to shoot one Harrison baseball game. That felt special and ever since that day he has always made me feel appreciated and seen. He makes sure to let me know that he notices my hard work and how much he appreciates it. He also works with me on social media but doesn't push it and lets me relax. He is just a person that I know will help me for as long as I need it and I will do the same for him. That is whey when he got his first win in his second game of his career and of the 2019 season at Eastchester on September 14th 2019, I could not have been happier for someone. I could not have been more thrilled to have been there, and more importantly to have been the one capturing it so that years from now every can look back on the moment for years to come. And that would not have been the case if he never asked me to come on board. That is why Jay Ciraco’s 1st win of his young head coaching career at Harrison is my number 3 moment. He works so hard, cares so much and is genuinely a great person. So seeing it pay off and seeing the kids work to get him that win, was so rewarding. I can’t wait to capture more wins in the future. I have told him this before and I’ll say it again; as long as he’s around, I’ll be around Harrison for as long as I can. Oh and this game also went into like three overtimes so that makes for a great moment in itself. It can never be done easily, always has to be “fun”. 


2. Surprising Columbia Football at Cornell

Last year I was an intern with Columbia football and I’m sure if you’ve followed me for a bit, then you already know that and you know how much those football players mean to me. That is why there was no way I could leave this moment off of this list. I almost made it number 1, but that felt selfish and number 1 truly means more in a different way, just wait and see why. But, back to Columbia football and this moment. In November I was able to surprise the team by driving up to Cornell for their final game of the season! I reached out to the sports information director weeks prior seeing if they needed a photographer for the game, they said yes and it was a done deal! I had to keep this secret for weeks and even though that was the hardest thing for me to do, I knew it would be worth it because I knew their reaction would be worth everything. Well, I was right and also pleasantly surprised. I got so many hugs, so many shocked faces and even more smiles. I even got a few curse words because they were so shocked (in a good way). I got poses for the camera again and most of all I felt all the love I had been given a year ago. It was honestly one of the best days of my entire life. I smile a lot but I do not think I stopped smiling that day. Even when they were losing and lost the game. The moment and surprise meant so much more than a win or loss. The kind words I got from the seniors who were so touched I was there for their final game meant more to me than anything. I was hoping for a few smiles and hugs. What I got was outpouring support, loves, hearts, thumbs up and more love. I knew we had a special connection but I didn't know if it still meant as much since I had not been around. 

The best moment of them all (the photo below) was when captain Michael Murphy saw me. He was someone I was very excited to see and nervous how he’d react, especially right before the games starts, since he’s a focused competitor. But he walked out with fellow captain Josh Wainwright, who I had seen earlier in warmups, and Murphy could not believe his eyes. He smiled, laughed and clapped with excitement and I got it all on camera. That was something I had hoped to do; capture one of the athletes reacting to seeing me again on camera. He gave me the best reaction I could have ever asked for and then told me to put the camera down and give him a hug. That put all the worry I ever had to rest. The whole 2018 season was a moment to remember, but this was something that will stay with me forever because even after all that time, these players remembered me and showed their continued support. Just look at his smile!! 


1. Julie Lenhart Retires

Last, but certainly not least is one of the greatest of all times. Julie Lenhart. She was the coach for SUNY Cortland softball from 1995 till this past season in 2019. I was fortunate to be her manager for a few years in 2012 through 2016 as well as capture her and her players throughout that time and beyond. She is one of my favorite people from Cortland and for so many different reasons. That is why when I was able to capture to her last SUNYAC title as well as her last game ever as a coach of the Red Dragons, I was honored. I am the only one that captured those moments. No one else has the photos that I have. That is only one of the reasons it had to be the number one moment. I got to be the person who captured a moment that so many people, not just Julie or that team, but so many people in the future will look back on and reminisce on. She took me in as a manager in 2012 and made me feel welcomed. She made me feel appreciated. I was apart of the team no matter what. They made a run that year all the way to the National Championship game and I captured every part of it. Then I didn’t do as much manager the following years as I got into photography but she always welcomed me and I knew she was there if I needed her. I was allowed to shoot from the dugout, I could go to away games if I wanted. She would purchase posters from me for her seniors, something she did even after I graduated and up until her final season. Every time I came back to Cortland I would stop in her office to talk and she would always make me feel like a superstar. She believed I was very good at what I do and knew I was destined for good things. Coming from someone like her, it felt different and meant a lot. She never failed to let me know that I had a talent and would even give me advice for what I might be able to do with my business. She was special to Cortland and that’s why I am so blessed I got to capture her last moments as the head coach for the Red Dragons. The photo I’m sharing is during her last game and it’s such a simple shot but something I do not think I would have gotten in 2012 since i've grown so much since then and that is why I’m choosing that over the celebration from her last SUNYAC Championship. Oh and it goes to mention that Julie means a lot to me for one other reason: she chose a photo I took of her celebrating after the 2012 SUNYAC championship win to be used in the Hall-of-Fame when she was inducted. That’s special. She’s special. Coach, if you read this, thank you for impacting my life the way you did so many other. I feel very fortunate.



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#10 - #6 Top Moments of 2019 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/12/top-moments-of-2019 2019 is coming to an end. Over the past 12 months I took photos at over 150 games. Ranging from high school and college to professional soccer and youth baseball. There was rarely a game that I didn't take over a thousands photos at so that means I took over 150,000 photos in the past year. That's a lot. Therefore, it was a big task when I thought about choosing my top photos. I mean, even when you narrow it down to the photos I actually posted on my website, it comes to around 60,000 photos I'd have to go through (and i'm pretty sure i'm underestimating the number of photos). When I was going through my instagram to even begin the process, I realized this would be impossible to choose only 10 or even 20 top photos. That is when I realized I would have to choose my top photos for each sport as well as choose my top moments I was able to capture. 

These are moments that I know the people in these photos would want to look back at these photos to remember the moment forever. A moment that I was honored to capture. A moment I was excited beforehand and even more proud after I captured it. This could be big game, a milestone or anything in between. 

These are top moments 10 through 6

10. Rye vs Harrison. "The Game"

This is my 10th moment because out of all these top moments, this one is not as meaningful as some of the rest. The most meaningful part of this moment would be that this game is a very very big deal for both Harrison and Rye High schools and this was my first time capturing the rivalry. Leading up to this game I could not wait to capture every single second of it. It was the last regular season game of the season and it was only our second day game of the year. The first day game made some of my best photos of the year because of the sun and natural light. Therefore, I was excited to have this huge game not be at night with horrible high school field lighting. The day of "The Game" could not have been any better. It was a bit sunny sure but the sky was blue and it was the perfect atmosphere for a big game. The reason I decided to make this a moment and not put this photo as one of my top football photos can be broken into two reasons. 1. This game, even if Harrison did lose, was a huge moment of the year for me. Everyone kept telling me how huge of a game this was and that I needed to be prepared. 2. This photo that I chose for this moment, is one of my all-time favorite photos from the year & I don't think it would be fair to put it with the top photos and instead showcase it with this moment. That way it gets the recognition it deserves. The sky is beautiful with the clouds looking as if they are painted and the Harrison flag is the center of attention as the players run out onto the field in front of a full crowd. Then, Scofield (#51) in the front with the fist pump and the American flag being seen just enough in the back takes the photo over the top. To me, this is the photo that showcases Harrison perfectly. 


9. First Pitch at WPLL 25th Anniversary Opening Day Parade

This was the coolest moment of the year for me in the sense that it involves a Hall of Fame baseball player. Actually it involves the only unanimously decided Hall-of-Famer in MLB history. Mariano Rivera lives in my hometown of White Plains NY and was able to come out to the opening day parade for White Plains Little League (WPLL) and throw out the first pitch to kick off the season. He spoke to the crowd and took the time to take photos with the kids which is now a memory they will remember forever. I even got a photo with him, but my favorite from the moment is this one of him throwing the first pitch. Where you see all of the kids and adults surrounding him smiling in excitement as he also shows a smile as he releases the ball to a kid. It was the perfect way to kick off the 25th Anniversary season for WPLL and I could not be more proud of this photo of such an amazing ball player. 

8. Sydney Leroux returns

I usually only shoot high school sports, maybe some college. However, this past year I did get a chance to shoot some professional soccer because a good friend of mine works with Sky Blue which is the National Women's Soccer League team in New Jerssey and allows me to shoot a few games. This has allowed me to capture Carli Lloyd, Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris, Julie Ertz and so many more amazing professional soccer players. As amazing as capturing those players was and how much I love those photos, nothing beat this moment when Orlando Pride played NJ at Red Bull Arena. Sydney Leroux was a star of the USWNT years back. Then she had her first kid, Cassius who is now 3 and recently just had a baby girl six months ago. So she has been in and out of playing professionally since having Cassius. I did not realize that she had yet to play this season, or that she would even get the chance to play this season. I thought nothing of it when I saw her on the sidelines warming up with the subs. I hadn't realized she had the opportunity or that it had only been six months since giving birth. Then she subbed in the second half against Sky Blue. The whole moment was amazing but the real moment (or photo) that surpasses them all was Sydney kissing her babygirl Roux after the game with tears coming down her face. This just shows the love a mother has and all that she went through to get to this moment. To get back to "normal" after giving birth is one thing, but to come back to playing professional soccer, is a whole other thing and she did that. You can tell how much it meant to her and even if she never sees this photo, it is something i'm proud to have captured. She was a favorite player of mine when she played on the USWNT and I love following her and her family on social media, so this was a great moment to not only capture but to witness in person. This shows me to never give up.


7. USWNT Parade 

It seems appropriate that following Sydney's return that a USWNT moment would be next. This moment happened over the summer after the amazing and historic United State Women's National Team won the World Cup for the fourth time in team history. They were awarded with a ticker tape parade through NYC. Thousands and thousands of people joined and celebrated these amazing women. I did not go the last time they won it in 2015 and I have regretted it ever since. There was no way me or my camera would be missing this one. I got there early enough to get a spot in the front by a barricade near the end of the parade. It made for a great place to capture the phenomenal women waving to their fans. The photos I captured were some of my favorite of the year just for the reason that these are athletes I look up to and have loved to watch compete for many years. However, the moment that blew this up for me was when Abby Dahlkemper, a defenseman on the team (blonde in the photo), posted this photo on her instagram. Out of all the photos she could have posted, she chose one I had taken during the parade! Every time this moment comes up I am still in disbelief she chose my photo to share for this amazing moment. Something i'll look back on and remember for the rest of my life. That day was already so memorable and fun just to see role models up close but then to have one of my photos seen by thousands of people, put it over the top. Abby gained a bigger fan that day. 


6. Notre Dame Fencing Sweeps ACC's

Next up on the list was a very fun weekend for me. As most of you probably know by now, I interned for Notre Dame athletics in 2017-18. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I got to capture every team there and that included Fencing, who happened to be National Champions the year before I came on board. They became back to back champs my year there. However, even when I left South Bend, I was still able to capture the fencers when they competed in ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) Championship's in Boston last year. They are such a talented group of athletes but they would not get as much coverage as some of the bigger sports did around the Fighting Irish. I feel that is why I felt so connected to them. The athletes were so appreciative of my photos each time I captured them and even more so this year when they swept the ACC championships. That means both men’s and women’s team won the overall and each individual event for both the men and women were won by a Fighting Irish athlete. This was the first time this had ever been done. Luckily, I was the one there to capture every part of the historic weekend. I got all the points, screams, moments and emotions. That is why fencing is one of my favorite sports to capture; the emotion. The first time I captured the sport I couldn’t believe how much they screamed and I love to capture athletes screaming and showcasing emotion. Now when it's a championship atmosphere, all of that emotion intensifies. The whole weekend was one of the best moments. And what took it over the top was when the head coach for the Fighting Irish handed me an ACC Champions hat that the whole team got. That was something I did not expect but was very kind of him. I didn't even realize he really knew who I was but he saw what I did, appreciated it and because of that moment, this was an easy choice as a top 10 moment of 2019. 

What wasn't easy was to chose a favorite photo for this, so I decided to choose two photos. One from the men’s side and one from the women. The first is Malcolm Fields who was a freshman last year and was a great celebrator/screamer. I know that sounds weird but he just celebrated in a way that comes off amazing on camera and is fun to capture. I would say that this picture shows why. The passion, the excitement. You know that every lift, practice, early morning or late night, is coming out in that scream (and jump). This was a celebration during day one of the championships which for the men overall team competition, but did he also took first place in his individual event of Sabre the following day. The second is the moment that the women's overall team took home first place. Amanda Sirico go her winning point of her match and that point gave her team the overall win. This is just a complete photo that I’m proud of. Amanda ripping off her helmet while turning to her teammates who jump and scream in joy with her. Even though this is an individual sport in the sense of competing by yourself, it is very much a team sport and if you do not win as an individual, the team doesn't win and this showcases that. I am glad we see the faces of the teammates more than Amanda's face because we see how excited they are for Amanda and themselves.


Come back tomorrow to see the rest! 


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Life & Growth https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/12/life-growth I’m sitting in a small cafe in Chicago thinking about either doing actual work even though I’m off or continuing my top photo blog from 2019. Then I realized I’m in an area that me and first love walked around together at one point. She had family in this area and we didn’t spend a ton time here but enough that it brings her to my mind. To be honest she’s on my mind most of the times I’m in Chicago because that is where we ended things and we made a few fun memories here. Realizing this made me decide to not do anything I had planned and instead to open up my notes on my computer and just write my thoughts. I have no clue if I will release this for you all to read. If so, hi. Hi to my friends, family, exes and everyone in between that may have gotten a hold of this in some way. 

I am a very sentimental person. I tend to relate people with places and those stick with me for quite some time if that person or place held a significance meaning in my life. That is why even though we broke up in August of 2018 I’m still thinking of my first love in December of 2019. And that is okay. I’m not writing this because I want her back or her attention or for anyone to “feel bad for me”. I’m writing this for you all to read something about being okay with not being okay with something you think you should be over and done with. To read something that you can relate to and maybe will help you feel better. We all have had heartbreak in some capacity in our lives. We all deal with it differently and it sits with us in different ways.

I have a great life. I am building what I would say is a pretty successful business in its first year of true existence. I have so many people around me who support and love me daily. I even had another relationship since. However, the first love is always something different. It hits different. Even a year and a half later. There is an ache. It is not an ache for her to be back in my life. It’s not the ache I had when my heart was broken into pieces. I truly believe that it’s an ache of what was there and what I’m missing. Which isn’t specifically her anymore. It’s more the connection, the good times, the relationship, the memories in a place that meant a lot to both of us. Which is probably why I feel it now, in Chicago. That is sort of why I’m writing this. To remind myself that all of this is okay. I am hard on myself and I am not mad at how I feel.

The way I feel is okay. I can have a great life and still feel this way. It’s not a continuous feeling. As my dad said about a year ago, that ache is going to come and go further and further apart. It’s been a really long time since I’ve truly thought about her in this type of capacity. That is why I felt the need to write this. To be proud of the growth and to remember this is okay. However, it’s the way I react where it might not be okay. It’s not okay to just stay in bed and not even attempt to do what I love or do what makes me happier. I overcame that sadness before, I won’t drift back into it when it’s not that deep right now, not when I’ve grown this much. 

That is why I’m out in Chicago. I love walking around the city. This was my city before it was ever “ours”. The memories I first have here are with my family. We would bike around the city. One time got a flat tire biking around because I thought I could jump a curb that was about a foot high.. I could not and my tire got demolished because of it. I skated at Navy Pier with my cousin as well as gotten hot chocolate while walking around during the winter. Every summer for as long as I can remember, me and my dad have rode our bicycles down the lake front. Since I’ve been old enough to come into the city by myself, I always make a point to make it down there for at least one day, no matter how long my trip is. This is one of my favorite place and I am continuing to reclaim it in my mind because my feelings still sort of have it claimed in a different way. 

It’s okay that I still remember those memories, they were good and in the moment they meant a lot. Now they are just that, memories. Ones that I can look back on and smile. I’m excited to continue to make my own. Those can be just going to a coffee shop and doing work. They may be me wandering around downtown with no particular reason or purpose. It might be going shopping for something or going to a baseball game with my aunt. Whatever it is, these are my memories and no one can take them from me. This is my life. I am emotional. I am empathetic. I am sentimental. That is who I am and that will never stop. I will continue to feel and care hard. However, I will also continue to heal myself, reclaim my favorite places, grow emotionally and become stronger because of it. I’m stronger now than I was in August of 2018. I’m stronger than I ever have been. I am confident. I am emotional. I am me and I love who I am. 

If you read up to this point, please remember that everything truly does happen for a reason. We may not always know the reason. I know the reason both of my relationships didn’t work. I have come to terms with it. There are other things I don’t know the reason for. However, I still believe in it and I know that with time and patience something will happen that will make everything else make sense. So for now, just trust it, even when it’s hard. Go out with friends, do what you love. Do what truly makes you happy, no mater if you have to do it alone. Don’t wait for other people. Again, it is not easy, but it is always worth it. 

Now, the real last thing. I started writing this in the morning before I walked around one of my favorite cities. Now its the middle of the afternoon and I have had a full day. I had a diner breakfast, bought new shoes, had another coffee and even bought a couple graphic tees. Not all in that order. Why am I saying all this? Because I went out and did what I knew what would make me happy. I had no idea where the day would take me, but I took the day into my own hands and let it happen. I did what I wanted and honestly I treated myself. Buying the shoes was one of the best moments of the day. The saleswomen was wearing the same shoes I ended up buying. It was a fun moment when she took a snapchat of our feet as the the coworkers were commenting on it in in a good way. It made my smile and laugh because it was a purely genuine moment in my eyes. A memory that, knowing me and my sentimental self, I will remember basically forever. Also, the shoes are amazing, a bit different than what I normally buy and have made me happy. I treated myself because I deserved it. Just as I deserved this week off from editing my photos. I’m putting myself first. I’m putting my happiness, my mental and emotional health first. Weird how much I’ve grown because of it. Just the smallest thing can make the biggest impact.

I don't know who will read this, what you all will think about it. If I could say one more thing and keep it as short as I can, I would say this: I have anxiety that i'm working in some capacity every single day and doing that has changed my life because now sentimental places or thoughts like this which might have brought me down a bad hole a year ago, has turned today into one of the best days of my vacation. Hope you all are loving yourselves and have a great day! 

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100% Me https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/9/100percentme I'm writing this in about an hour and maybe it'll be posted, maybe it won't. If you are reading this, then I felt it was good enough and wanted you all to read this. 

Honestly, what you are about to read is something I write about a lot in my instagram captions or facebook posts. However, I felt the need to write in more detail about it all. This is all about me loving what I do, but more so about how I am 100% myself with everyone and honestly, I think that's why I get the love and support that I do.  

I do not hide who I am. I am passionate. I am emotional. I care a lot. This is in every aspect of my life. I do not hide my emotions because then I wouldn't be myself and that is not how I want to live. If I have learned anything from heartbreak, life and growing up, in the past few years especially, it is that I should always be me. There is only one me and who I am is amazing. That is not me being cocky, that is me finally being confident in who I am. I have lacked a lot of confidence in my life and to gain this confidence has been an amazing feeling. It has made me love my job even more. 

It is funny though because even with my lack of confidence I was never afraid of posting on social media and sharing my life. I was never afraid of doing that because what I was sharing was happy, positive and something I thought other people might want to know (or maybe not, but I still wanted to share). 

I share so others know they are not alone. I share so that I can put a smile on others. I share because I am happy and want people to know why I am so happy. You never know who is looking at your posts. You never know who might need to see your post or who needs a smile! I like to make people smile. I think that's part of my life's purpose. Seriously. I just want people to be happy and smile!

I know that my photos do that. Especially for the parents. Moms and dads light up when they see photos of their kids. Whether their kid is the star or comes off the bench, I make to sure to capture them so that parents can have something to remember and look back on when their athletes are no longer kids. That's my favorite part of my job, doing this for the parents. I love making their days more than the kids. The connections I make with parents are the most rewarding and that is part of me being 100% myself.

For example, when I meet new parent and start to talk about what I do, i've had multiple parents tell me that my love for what I do just oozes out of me and in minutes you can tell that I'm passionate about it. I even had a parent email me the other day telling me that my photos of her son's football team and game showed how much love I have for what I do. Those are the messages I love more than anything. If my photos can show that without me saying something, then I truly am doing the right thing and I am truly being 100% myself in every aspect of my life. 

One mom that i've made a closer connection with over the past year after shooting her son in hockey and baseball said something the other day that has sat with me and i'll always remember. She told me how my posts on instagram are genuine and when you read them, it sounds like i'm talking to you. I write how I talk. That's how much I am myself. I do not just post photos just to share them. I always have a purpose and I always have something to say. 

However, because of social media, I have grown to love the kids more and more. they seriously make my day. They are the reason I wanted to quickly write this blog and share it so quickly in just an hour. I take photos at a bunch of different high schools for a ton of different teams. Each one is different and special in their own way. The one thing they all have in common is their appreciation and love for what I do. They get excited when they see me and can not wait to see the photos I have gotten. Some are more excited about photos I get of their teammates than their own. Some comment on every single one of my posts and like ones that have nothing to do with them. That warms my heart. 

Now, I mean I think they know that the nicer they are, the more photos they get. However, I have also started to realize that they appreciate and notice my love for what I do. They see how much excitement I get when I am at their games and I get that shot of their goal or a moment they were so excited about. They see how much work I put into what I do and how much I truly love doing it for them. They also see that I'm totally honest with them. 

I share a ton of my photos all the time. Every game gets a post. Sometimes I edit in black and white. Most of the time it has a very long caption. Each time these kids give me love. They love to see it and I love to do it. I do not have to hide who I am. I can write long captions. It doesn't matter! All that matters is that I'm me and that they are themselves and there is mutual respect. Which there is. 

Yesterday I posted something I usually don't about how my photos would be up later than usual. I did not go into detail on why but stated I had been busy. Honestly, since Thursday afternoon, I had not stopped working and by Sunday afternoon, after shooting a soccer game in Jersey I needed to relax. My body needed to lay down and I did not want to look at a computer for a while. And I didn't. However, I didn't want to leave my athletes wondering where the photos were and that's why I posted the photo and message. The response was sweet and understanding. Then, today I got two separate messages. One was someone showing me that a friend had posted my photos on their snapchat praising them. The kid who messaged me told me he just wanted me to know how good i'm doing and to keep it up. That underlying message also came from the other kid who sent me a collage of all his favorite moments of the first half of the season and it was all my photos. He wanted to just say thanks and keep doing what i'm doing. These kids, without any push from me, parents or anyone, decided to message me and tell me i'm doing a great job and they appreciate it. They wanted me to know they see the hard work i'm putting into it. 

I say this because they are high schoolers! Kids that some think aren't appreciative or the best at times. I am open with them, i'm 100% myself with all of them and this is what I get in return. I don't treat them like kids. I just treat them how I want to be treated. They know to treat me well and appreciate it because at any moment I could stop taking photos. They do not take it for granted (for the most part) and for that, i'm eternally grateful. 

Basically, I wrote this rambling of words because I am oh so grateful. So grateful that my athletes see the work I put in. They see how much I love what I do. They see that it all means a lot and i'm doing my best every single day. If that wasn't true, then I wouldn't have had three baseball players pointing at me after taking their photo at the football game, saying they loved me and all these nice things. I know it's because I take photos of them and make them look good. That does not mean they have to compliment me every single that. trust me, i've had teams and players not act this way. These kids i'm working with, they are special. They make my life amazing. They are also my favorite part of every day. I look forward to every game and even practice if I don't have a game that day. Seriously, I love them so much and the love I feel back well its indescribable. 

To end this, let me say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love. Thank you for allowing me to be myself 100% of the time. Thank you for being understanding. Thank you for being you and see you out there soon! 


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Behind the Lens with EDL Week of March 24th https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/4/behind-the-lens-with-edl-march-24th---30th It's finally spring and that means all the sports are playing, my life is getting busy again and everything is getting back to normal as the weather gets nicer! I'm currently still an intern with Columbia football while I am also officially launching my business EDL Photography. So at the moment i'm starting spring ball with football while also shooting for multiple high school sports teams, and as always i'm freelancing for whoever needs it, especially when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish teams are in my area. That means I have tons of photos each week and I want to share my best of the best. Read on to see my four favorite from this past week of action!

This week of March 24th through March 30th I shot Harrison High School baseball, spring practice #1 for Columbia Football and ended it with Notre Dame Ice Hockey competing in NCAA regionals for a chance to go to the Frozen Four. 


Columbia football is BACK! I, along with these knucklehead players could not be more excited for it! The boys had their first practice of spring ball this past Tuesday and it was a special day. I had just released a blog that explained how these football players healed my broken heart when they didn't even realize i had a broken heart. So I was pumped to see them and they were pumped to start practice. All that energy just came together when they came walking out to practice. This is where I usually get some of my best photos (it's my favorite part of practice) as they pose for me. These two in particular were my favorite of the day, just look at those smiles and that jump, you can feel the excitement and happiness through the screen! They were so excited to see me there for day 1 (or maybe they were just so excited for practice) and I was so thrilled they were already posing for me, since it had been a while since I had seen the players. Both of us hadn't missed a beat and like I said, we are back! There was no way this would be left off the list. I smile each time I see this photo. *I talked to Jalen (#37) yesterday at practice and we talked about this photo and he said "I was so happy to see you", so there you go. I feel honored I bring this much excitement out of them. 


Harrison baseball was my first baseball game of the season and I couldn't be more excited to be around the sport again. After one game with this team, i'm even more excited to be capturing this group of athletes. I went to warm ups to get photos of every player I could. That way, even if they didn't play in the game, I had photos of them. This was a shot I got right before the game began. The players were in the dugout just talking, goofing around while waiting to start. This player in particular was just learning against the fence and I caught him at the perfect moment as he was looking over probably to a teammate or coach. The eye black and the concentration in his eyes make this so intense. I could not be more proud of capturing this. These are the type of shots that don't come along all the time so for me this is special. This is something that I had to create by just being in the right spot and more importantly, being ready. Making it black and white just enhances the shot along with the depth that is given by seeing the fence he is leaning on. Cropping a photo can make or break a photo and if I cropped the fence out, then it changes the whole shot. It's going to be hard to top this shot this season, but I cant wait to try! 


Notre Dame men's ice hockey was one of my favorite teams to capture during my internship last year. Ice hockey has become my favorite sport to capture and I have them to thank for that. They were just a fun group to shoot (that liked to win games in final seconds..) and it helped that they won and went to the National Championships and I got two of their best celebration photos of the year. That being said, I was so excited when I saw they were playing only a few hours away from NY for regionals, in New Hampshire! I was thrilled they said yes and hired me to be their photographer for the weekend or I would never have captured this photo which could go down as one of my best photos ever. (I know that is saying a lot..) I say that because I don't think i've ever gotten a photo that is more perfectly timed or luckier. The player is literally a perfect duplicate of the logo that is on the ice. His legs crossed over, the puck is directly over the puck and the stick is out! It can not get any better. I have stared at this photo longer than I like to admit, but that's what happens when something happens this perfectly. I can honestly say I could not get this again if I tried.


As I said before, Notre Dame hockey was one of my favorite teams during my internship. A big part of that was because of the excitement they brought. They did not win easily, they liked to wait until the last second or bring the game into overtime and then pull it out. Their regional game versus Clarkson on Friday night was no different. They went down early, tied it in the second and then went down shortly after. They didn't tie it until under 2 to 3 minutes to go when they pulled their goalie so they had a sixth man advantage. It worked because Bobby Nardella (#27) buried one top shelf and it was all tied up once again. This is the celebration from that game tying goal and I could not be more thrilled that I was in the perfect spot to capture this. Since I know how this team works, I decided to not get a photo hole on ice level for the third period. That way I could be way up high and have a higher percentage to capture the game tying/winning goal and celebration. I was right and wow did it pay off. I got the goal perfectly and then this whole celebration was perfect, but I kept coming back to this as my favorite shot. Pivonka's arms in the air as Nardella skates under him to go celebrate is just perfection. Look at that excitement and happiness on Bobby's face. That is exactly what sports is all about. That's everything coming together from a long season and being let out in one moment. They didn't disappoint and I was so happy I could capture such an exciting moment for them. Sports photography is a lot of luck but also about being prepared and ready. This had that perfect combination. 

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Heartbreak & Healing https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/3/heartbreakhealing On August 26th I started what would become one of the most life changing experiences in my young life. I began an internship with the Columbia Football team. I would be taking photos at practices and games, designing graphics and help post on social media. I was down to help with anything else that the team needed. My favorite thing is to help others and know I'm making an impact in some way. I was so excited to be apart of a team again. I had just finished an internship at Notre Dame and I loved every second of it, but I missed being a part of a team, so I was amped for the opportunity to be close to a group of athletes again. That being said, I truly did not expect what would happen in a short 3 months. I know life changing is dramatic but once you read this, I think you'll understand and agree. Before I get there, we have to start on why August 26th is a crucial part to this story.

August 26th would have been me and my now ex girlfriend's six month anniversary. I understand six months may not seem like that long of a relationship, but when it's first love, it is a big deal. First love equals first heartbreak, so I was in a bad, sad place. That meant August 26th was a significant date that I knew was going to hit me really hard. Thankfully, the staff at Columbia were able to make it happen so I could be there that day for their training camp practice. I was distracted the entire day and did not think about my heartbreak or hurt (as much) because I had a camera in my hands. It was the start of something amazing.

My breakup occurred about a week before I began this internship and I promise this was meant to be. Now, instead of being home all the time, I had an office and group of people to see every day. More importantly I got to have a camera in my hands which is when I am my happiest. Doing something you love and being around people is a huge part of the cure for heartbreak.

I was reminded that I had so much to be happy about and even if I was so destroyed at the moment, I still had a lot of good going on in my life. Life was looking up and even when I did have bad days, these guys put a smile on my face. I don't think they even realized that they were lifting me up when I was at my saddest.

Right from the start, these football players were a very important part of my life. Sure, in the beginning I was just some girl with a camera at practice and they were just a group of players that kept my mind off the pain of a broken heart. However, they became so much more than that every single practice and interaction. They have become some of my favorite people ever. I have taken photos of hundreds of athletes over the past eight years and each athlete/team is different. This group was special.

When it comes to emotions, I am pretty much an open book. I'm smiling 99.9% of the time, so if I don't have a smile, that means something is wrong (or maybe i’m just focused..) Basically it is easy to see when i’m not happy.. During the beginning of the heartbreak I wasn't smiling or laughing as much as I normally had been. That being said, I wanted to hide my all that sadness when I was at work. To be honest, it got hard to not smile and i believe they all agree that I smile pretty big when I am with them.

Once they saw me every day and realized I was good at what I did and would post photos of them on social media they started to pose for me and even look for the camera during practice. They just got more comfortable with me, and me with them. That comfort level only really took one week to achieve. A week of my smile becoming bigger and more genuine.

That feeling of being wanted and loved felt so good and I realized, oh yeah, I'm still amazing and I'm good at what I do. I needed that reassurance and they were giving it to me every time they posted a photo I took or gave me a sweet reaction to what I thought was just another average photo. These guys weren't used to having a photographer at every single practice so they ate it up and were so appreciative. They didn't take advantage of me and my camera, they realized how lucky they were and made sure I felt that appreciated at practice every single day.

So, Columbia Football players, now you are beginning to understand why I always say you mean so much to me and why I love being at practice just as much as games. There was much more to it than just loving being able to capture an amazing group of football players. You were all apart of the process of me starting to love myself again when I thought no one could.

Before I go on to explain specific instances that stuck with me and show exactly why you all are amazing, I want to say that I also did a lot on my own to get over the heartbreak. I finally put myself first or started to. I did things I loved and I did everything I could that would put me in a positive mindset. However, I really truly believe none of that would have had as much of an impact if I wasn't around the team 5 out of the 7 days in a week. Thank you for being you. Now read on to see which moments stuck out to me from my time with them so far.

The first moment that stands out was during a practice near the end of the season. At this point the guys were very comfortable with me and would get so excited when I was there (even though I was there every single day..), but now they were looking for me even more during practice.. I would like to think I am pretty good at being subtle about who I am shooting and when, even though sometimes that is nearly impossible. I never want to distract any of the guys while they should be focusing on practice. All I want to do is capture every moment possible for this team. A few times throughout the year I had guys find my camera and would pose for it or just smirk. One of the most memorable ones is when I was just shooting the defense that were standing on the opposite sideline. I move my camera and realize Dante Landofilo found my camera and was smiling towards me and then gave me a thumbs up. It is one of my favorite photos of that kind and he loves it so much he used it as his profile photo on instagram.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.54.06 AMScreen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.54.06 AM

That is also one of my favorite things to see, when the guys use my photos as their profile photos on any social media platform. It feels like such an honor. There are so many photos the guys could choose and they decide mine is their favorite that they want to showcase or everyone to see every single day on their profiles. I'll never get sick of seeing my photos used, it's always a pleasant surprise.

Now, the guys posting on social media happened many times and every time I was still just as excited and grateful as I was the first time. However, this specific situation was rare it still puts a huge grin on my face to this day. I was shooting the receivers (I was around them a lot..) and Mikey Roussos made a fantastic grab during a drill. I look down to my camera and just smirk, cause I could not have captured it any better than I did. I was stoked I got it, but the best part of this story is when Tre Gabriel saw me smiling at my camera and said, "Did you get it?" and I just smiled and said "Of course I did!"

Those moments. That is what I would cherish and would remind me how lucky I was. I loved what I did but these guys, they loved me. They loved my photography, but they also loved me as a person and I never felt taken advantage of. They talked to me in a respectful way and it was a great feeling. That moment, he wouldn't have given me crap if I hadn’t get the shot, we would've just joked since we both respect each other. These football players are great men who were raised the right way and the way they treated me showed that. Now, take a look at the catch I was referencing:


That moment also just shows how comfortable I was with these guys. I never say comments like that. I was just gaining so much confidence and comfort around them that I knew I could say things like that and they knew I wasn’t just teasing and they also knew I was good and did get most of the shots. They have also seen me get so bummed at myself when I didn't get a shot. They understood it all and saw my passion and dedication to what I did. They loved it. I think it was something they loved to see. It might have even something that was contagious and something that I brought to the group.

Which sounds crazy to me, the fact I could impact a group of football players. However, I had a convo with Captain Landon Baty one day and he actually mentioned that my being around the guys was a bigger deal than I had even realized. My energy had changed their vibe and I made an impact. That blows my mind. I was just a photographer doing her job every day. How can I have much more impact than that? Well according to him I did. Thank you Baty for telling me that. You also made an impact. All of you.

One of my favorite every day moment is when the guys would be walking to practice and pose or just walk by "casually" and then say something to one of their teammates or even to me about how they hope that gets posted. I later found out that they all look forward to when I post the photos after practice and hope they will be chosen. I was mind blown by this. I mean I have a few hundred followers and I didn't think anything of me posting photos of them. But to them, it meant something and that meant something to me. That's why I try my best to post everyone best I can, whether that is on my own account or the Columbia Football account. Every single one of those players work hard every day and starters and non starters should get love, they work just as hard and I know how much it means for them to see themselves posted.

A cool moment the team had this year was when they had their walkthrough at MetLife Stadium. I was getting every shot possible so that these players could remember this forever. I noticed a player taking a photo of the MetLife sign, so I walked behind him and started taking photo of him taking a photo. However, he stopped too quickly and I didn't get any. Good thing the guys in front of him who saw me were laughing and joking how I was doing this but Murphy noticed, went back up for me and let me take the photo. Which he did not have to do. That's how these guys were, just kind guys and I didn't even have to ask!

The part that happened next is what makes him and these guys so special. He was taking pictures of the MetLife sign and stadium and out of no where he turns the camera so it's pointing at us. It caught me off guard and just made me smile so big. I took some shots of it, and it is one of my favorite photos to this day.


I have two more moments that need to be mentioned (and tons more that I have to save or else this would go on forever). The first one occurred after what felt like a lifetime apart from them, I got to take some shots of them in the weight room and during skill work. Their excitement when they saw me is why I could not wait to be back in the same room as them. "You're back!", "EDL!", giving me fist pumps, hugs and just making me feel loved. My smile might say it all but honestly it also doesn't say enough. They just make me so happy and they make me forget everything else going on in my life. This same situation also happened one day before practice after I didn't come to ONE practice and here's a photo of the two players who said "you're back!" and when I said, I was only gone one day, they said "i know but we felt that." How could I ever put into words how much those small moments mean to me? One day and they missed me. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.49.34 AMScreen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.49.34 AM

I have to end with the best of the best. This day and practice tops all the rest for so many reasons. First off, it was snowing like no other and the photos I got during the 20 minutes the guys were out there are still some of my best to this day. Months later and I still get compliments on them from kids, parents and friends. That was special but what was truly amazing was what the team did for me. As coach finished talking to them, he pointed to Kyle Castner, a senior captain and asked if he was going to do it now or later and I was confused as to what he was talking about. Then Kyle walked to the golf cart and came back with flowers and a helmet signed by the entire team.

They were for me. I was speechless.

Seriously, just writing this I still become teary eyed and emotional. I could not believe a group of men thought so much of me and wanted to show how much I meant to them that they signed a helmet for me. I've been a part of a lot of teams and I can say this tops the list of the most amazing things a team has done for me. My job is pretty selfless and I like it that way because I love to help, but to get recognized and thanked also means the world to me. The way this group of football players thanked me will stay with me forever. Being appreciated goes a long way and these guys continued to show their appreciation every day. This was the cherry on top.

When Kyle handed me the helmet and flowers while he thanked me for all I did for them during the season, I couldn't control my emotions and just cried. All that came to the mind was the prior three months and how sad I had been except for when I was with this group. THAT was why I cried. They meant so much to me and my happiness and in that moment they were demonstrating just how much I meant to them. Thank you. Thank you for doing something that will stay in my heart forever.

Now you understand. Now you get why I looked forward to every practice, every game, would post how much you guys mean to me. Now you understand why you rarely see me without a smile when I'm at games, practices, lifts and why I will run to get any and every shot I possible. It's not just because that's what I love to do and am passionate about what I do (that's part of the reason) but it's because you guys rejuvenated me and I never want to miss a moment! I hope it all makes sense now. You mean a lot more to me than just a group of football players. You were instrumental to helping me become who I am today, which is the best version of me ever.

I finished writing this almost a month ago and honestly I have more stories I could continue to share about these players, but it gets boring after a while because it has just become the norm with me and these players. They are just a good group of players who took me in as one of their own (smart players being nice to the photographer so they could get good photos). I’ll be forever grateful to each and every one of you. Even if you just said hi to me and we haven’t talked, you made an impact and helped me get where I am as a person today.


Thank you, EDL loves you all


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#1 - Top Photo of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/1/-1---top-photo-of-2018 28-2028-20 Alright, so we have finally made it to my number 1 photo from 2018. I think people who followed my time at Notre Dame would not be surprised that this is the top choice. If you were not around during that time and have no idea what this photo is let me explain.

Notre Dame, as you know if you read my #2 photo of 2018, made the Frozen Four and the National Championship last season. Their postseason run was unbelievable but also . They did not like to win in normal ways. Instead they liked to take it to overtime or score with mere seconds left on the clock. 

They did it throughout the entire postseason and it started right here with this photo. This is Jack Jenkins, #28, a forward on the Fighting Irish and as you can see he’s pretty excited in this shot. That would be because he just scored a goal with 31 seconds left on the clock. A goal that would end up sending the Fighting Irish to the Big Ten Hockey championships. This would be the first of many last second wins for the Irish.

However, and i may be bias saying this, there is no better celebration shot than this one. The puck went in and now I can not stress this part enough, I was sooo lucky that he turned right to my photo hole and screamed right to me. He could have turned more towards the corner and jumped onto that glass, or he could've turned in and never came to the glass, but no he opens up and screams right to me as if he knew I was there. 

Seriously every time I look at this photo I get chills. That is how much I love this photo. It just can not be any better. Jenkins' leg in the air while he is at the peak of his scream and then his teammate behind him just makes it all that much better. 

The real reason this is my all time favorite is because just like the frozen four celebration, I am the only one that got this photo. One of the local photographers I got to know asked me right after if i got the shot because he saw that Jenkins celebrated right to me. He was jealous but in the best possible way. I was lucky I got that photo hole and it happened the way it did. Right place, right time, ready and so very lucky!

Oh and this is now the banner on the twitter page for @ndhockey! So that just adds to this photo meaning a lot to me. 

2018 was great to me and I could not have asked for better experiences and moment to capture. Let's hope 2019 is just as good! I'm ready and excited for it. Thank you for reading my top 18 photos and please continue to follow me on my journey! 



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#2 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/1/-2---top-photos-of-2018 frozen four celebrationfrozen four celebration

This one means a lot, for a lot of reasons. The first reason will be the same for this #2 photo as well as my #1; I am the only person that has this exact photo. Unlike basketball, where multiple people could get practically the same exact photo, since they are all sitting in a similar spot, hockey has photo holes that fit one person, which gives that one person the chance to get photos that no one else will get.

Other people can obviously get the same moments at the same time, especially at a game like this where there tons of photographers all over the rink, but they will not get it at the same angle and place since the holes are at the corners and side of the glass and aren’t close enough to each others for the photos to look the same at all.

That being said, no one else has this photo of Notre Dame hockey celebrating their goal with 4.8 seconds left against Michigan in the Frozen Four in Minnesota. Oh that was also cool, this was played at the Xcel Energy Center where the Minnesota Wild play their games. I’ll be honest and say I do not think I realized that at the time. That makes two professional hockey arenas I’ve shot in this year. Just another reason to love this photo. 

Back to the celebration. When you first look at this, I hope you first notice the player leaning over in the front. That would be a defeated Michigan player which is why this is such a great photo. Getting Notre Dame celebrating is one thing, but to get an opponent, especially rival Michigan showing defeat, adds so much to the shot. I got a ton of photos leading up to this moment, such as them skating to the bench celebrating, but none of them compare to this one.

The emotions of both sides are shown so well, with the defeat felt by Michigan and the excitement pouring out of Notre Dame. When you look at the huddle of Notre Dame, the first thing that stands out is the one player screaming in the middle and not doing it towards his teammates, but towards the ice and in my eyes he is looking towards the Michigan team. Almost looks like he is staring right at the player bent over in defeat.

There are always two sides to every single sporting event and this shows that perfectly. Especially in a Frozen Four game where the winner goes on to the National Championships and the loser ends their season, each side feels their emotion so hard and it is shown very well in this photo. I do not think this moment or photo could have turned out any better. The way the Michigan player is blurred and the Notre Dame celebration is perfectly in focus could not have been better. 

Lastly, this photo was used all over social media for the Fighting Irish and Notre Dame Hockey and that means so much to me. I can share this photo as much as I want. I can love it and will love it so much, but it will never be seen by as many people as it deserves to until it's shared by the official accounts of Fighting Irish and ND Hockey. So that will always mean so much to me, especially since Notre Dame had other photographers shooting for them, but the people in my department always make sure the best photos are used and the right people get credit., Even better is the fact that one of the photos before this exactly moment, was used on the banner that is now hanging up in the Compton Family Ice Arena in South Bend next to the Frozen Four banner. So now my photo, not this one, but one from the same moment, is going to be seen for years to come and is cemented in history. A game and moment I will never forget. 



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#3 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/1/-3---top-photos-of-2018 DSC_1393DSC_1393

Okay, so I’m guessing you are wondering how on earth a game winning shot/celebration photos is not the number 1 photo from the year. There are many reasons. I love this photo, do not get me wrong. I loved this moment even more. Seeing a team I covered all year win a National Championship, and the way they did was unreal, surreal and every other similar adjective.

However, I am not the only person that has this photo. In fact, the Notre Dame photographer was right next to me and has the exact same set of photos I have. So that is the main reason it comes in at #3. Besides that, it’s perfection. Arike's face, the ball bouncing up after falling through the hoop, the scoreboard lit up and of course the bench jumping up and down. Then look at the coaches faces, the screams, all of them heading towards Arike, It’s perfect.

I know I’ve used the word perfect a bunch throughout these photos but I think these top 5 photos deserve that word more than any other. I just love them that much. I remember the moment I got each of them so vividly and I do not think I’ll ever forget them.

Especially this one. I will never forget the moment the ball went through the hoop and the girls celebrated. It was seriously the craziest moment I’ve ever been apart of and I actually loved where I was for it. Let me explain that and to do that I have to go back and explain how I got to the Final Four and National Championship.

I met amazing people at Notre Dame. I know I have mentioned that one or two times throughout my blogs. However, what I have not mentioned is the amazing people I met that were apart of the media. Cindy Hamill was one of them and she works for The New Notre Dame Network and she is the reason I had a credential for the Final Four and therefore, the National Championship (Oh and of course thanks to Josh Bates, the women’s basketball sports information director who approves credentials).

Thanks to Cindy I got to be at the Final Four game against UConn and somehow I was given a seat on the floor to shoot. To say that was cool is an understatement. I was a kid in a candy store just being there. This was my first big time event. A game being played on the national stage and I’m with all these amazing photographers that are working with organizations such as ESPN, Associated Press, Getty Images, Sports Illustrated and so much more. I was blessed and am forever grateful.

That being said, when I did not get a floor spot for the National Championship, I was neither upset or surprised. It’s the National Championship for crying out loud! I was just happy to be there and to have the chance to capture somehow. So I went up to a designated photographers spot in the 200 level. It was fun to get the game from a different angle and it turned out to be the PERFECT spot for the game winning shot as Arike shot towards me. Once again, perfection.

Lastly, I chose this celebration over the actual shot because I have a certain love for celebration photos. You see the true emotion in celebration photos. Just look at Arike’s faces along with her teammates and coaches. That is pure happiness and excitement coming out after an entire season of sweat, tears and everything else. 

Especially after the season of injuries the Fighting Irish had, this photo sums up how much this national championship meant to them. It was a lot and the photo of the game winning shot does not say all that this celebration shot does. Especially when you see the Mississippi State players in defeat. To see the two sides of a game winning shot is always exciting, so yes this could not be a better photo as #3. 

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#4 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2019/1/-4---top-photos-of-2018 DSC_9634DSC_9634 Well, here is is! The best Columbia football photo I got all year and surprising or not, it is not a celebration or an action photo. It is, however, a player listening to his coach during practice. It’s a portrait.

I feel like I could say so much about this photo but at the same time not say enough and can’t really put into words why this simple sort of photo made number four on the list. So let me try.

First off, action photos can be very repetitive and “easy” to get. The same type of actions happen every practice and game and since I am at every practice, I get a lot of amazing action photos. As much as I love those action photos, they do not mean as much as photos such as this do. That’s because the athlete did not create this shot with his actions, I created it by looking for it.

I stood in the same spot the whole time Casey Mariucci was talking to his coach and took tons of photos until I finally got this one. Patience and understanding of where to be got me this photo. I’m so proud of it because as I grow as a photographer I have grown to appreciate photos such as this.

I used to think action photos were the best photos to get and I never really cared for portraits. That has changed tremendously. Now I look for portraits and close ups any chance I can get. They are harder to get, therefore are so much more rewarding when you get a really good one.

This one stood out above all the rest I took of Casey and let me explain why. In some of the other ones his head was turned and the side angle didn’t work for him. This straight on angle is perfect because his blue eyes pop and we see the focus in his entire face.

Now, it isn’t directly straight on, which actually that works in our favor and why I love it. The way he is turned slightly is the same way and direction his hair is for some reason I just love the flow of that. Then, add on the intensity in his eyes with the sweat from going hard in practice and there was no way this couldn’t be in the top 5.

Casey agreed. When I told him this was still the one that stood out to me out of the thousands I took this football season, he agreed and said he loved how the sweat stood out as well as his eyes. So Casey, I hope the #4 spot is okay for you!

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#5 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/-5---top-photos-of-2018 DSC_6299DSC_6299 Starting off with the top 5 is the earliest photo on this entire list. This photo was taken back in January when Notre Dame hockey faced off against Wisconsin. Most of these photos are taken during a very exciting game, however I really do not want to say more about the actual game since it did not go in favor of the Fighting Irish and is a game that does not need to be remembered, especially after the National Championship appearance the Irish ended up having.

However, that being said, there was no way a loss would keep a photo such as this off the list. I am obsessed with this shot. I think the main reason I love this photo so much, besides the spotlight, is where it was played, which is the only reason there is a spotlight.

Notre Dame and Wisconsin had the opportunity to play this game at the United Center which is home to the Chicago Blackhawks. That right there is one reason this photo is a big deal. Honestly, if it wasn’t shot in the United Center it would have never made the list because it would not have had the spotlight highlighting the two players during line up.

Without the spotlight, this is just another line up shot that could have been taken at any ice rink. But you take the spotlight and add that on to the perfect timing of the players fist bumping while Gross (3) slides to a stop and some of the ice sprays up, it is, dare I say perfect?

Actually no, it’s not perfect until you continue to look at the photo as a whole and see the video boards in the background going around the arena. I caught them at the exact moment that they right above the players and say The University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It’s the cherry on top. That is what makes it the top 5 photo.


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Top Moments of 2018 - #5 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/top-moments-of-2018---5 Alright, this one is a big one and now we are getting into top 5, so they are all really big moments. I mean honestly, if you’ve read the last 5 moments, I had a lot of big events and moment occur this year. This was the best that had nothing to do with actually taking sports photos. Instead, this had to once again do with working with Pepsi, like I did when I got to meet Bernie Williams, Tino Martinez and Gary Sanchez.

I got an email asking if I was available to work an event being hosted at a restaurant in White Plains. An event that would include Aaron Judge. I think I read the email about 10 times to make sure I was right when I saw Aaron Judge was involved. I couldn’t grasp that concept, me in the same room as the current face of the Yankees.

It was a dinner type of event with a Q&A at the beginning, so photography wise, it was a simple event to work. I got my overall shots and then a photo with each guest and Aaron. Then, thats when the best part of the whole night began. After I took each photo, they told Aaron it was time to leave. He took it upon himself to say goodbye to each table and person that was still around. He was not told to do this, but he felt it was the right thing to do.

Now, getting to the best part. As we walked back to the back room, I kept thinking how I might ask him for a photo with him, if I should, was it appropriate, all of that was going through my mind in the 1 minute walk. Then, we got to the room and as I was placing my camera down and about to go on my computer for a moment, Aaron came up to me and asked if I wanted to a photo as well.

I think he could tell when we were out there that I wanted to ask him but never had the right chance. How nice of him to instead ask me and take that pressure off me. As a photographer, I do not know what type of line I might be crossing asking for a photo, since I am the one that is supposed to being taking the photos. It’s really hard, especially when it’s someone as big of a deal as Aaron Judge.

So, yes I got my photo with Aaron Judge and when I shook his hand, I told him my name was Erin too, just spelled with an E. So a great moment the entire time. That is a photo I will keep with me for the rest of my life and a moment I will never forget.

To meet such an amazing athlete and afterwards be able to say he is as nice as he is good at playing baseball, is surreal to me. Aaron Judge now has a fan for life and a bigger fan than I already was. I know everyone has his jersey and it’s probably the most seen around NY and the stadium, but I might need to jump on board and get one myself after this. Jeter is my all time favorite Yankee but Judge is making his way up the list. A class act.

Oh and to say my photos were used on Aaron Judges social media, yeah that's a resume and unforgettable moment. 

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#7 & #6 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/-7-6---top-photos-of-2018 Let the countdown continue. This time, both photos are from my Columbia football team, something that I do not think has happened yet, but I could be wrong.. These photos are all starting to blend together! Enjoy #7 and #6 and be sure to come back for the top 5 starting tomorrow!


Like I said, there are a lot of celebrations in this list and with all the championships and wins I saw over the year, that really is not a surprise. That being said, my number 7 favorite shot of the year may be my favorite solo celebration in a non championship game. It’s only fitting that this came during my first ever Columbia football game!

Once again, the whole sequence leading up to this was amazing and this shows exactly why. So let me explain the moment. Columbia faced off against Georgetown on the road for their second game of the season. Columbia took a good lead into the 4th quarter and then the Hoyas made a comeback. With less than 2 minutes left, Georgetown had the ball in the red zone and had a chance to tie the game with a touchdown and two point conversion and with how hot their offense had been in the final quarter, it might've be possible. 

Thats where freshman defensive lineman Ogonna Oraedu comes into play to get the huge game sealing sack on fourth down. I was in the perfect spot to get the entire sequence of him approaching the quarterback, taking him down and then celebrating towards the bench. It was perfection in every sense of the word. I mean look at him, look at those veins and the way he is soaring through the air towards his teammates, there is nothing better. No better moment in sports than game winning moments and this was that.

Since he made the sack, they got the ball back on a turnover on downs and all they needed to do was run out the clock, which at this point was under a minute, and the game was theirs. This photo was the perfect photo to describe the game. The emotion being let out by Oraedu says it all. The defense had come up big all game to keep the Hoyas off the scoreboard. Throughout the whole game they sacked the quarterback, made interceptions and had key stops when it mattered most. They deserved this win, so it was only fitting that their freshman defensive player made sure they got it.


No other group of photos got more compliments on than ones I got during the “snow practice” that Columbia football had. Back in November there was a huge storm that came through NY and blanketed the area with snow. The city was not prepared for it to be as big as it ended up being. The snow came fast and stuck faster.

This was on a day that was supposed to be the Lions last practice of the season. For me, and even the guys, this ended up being a blast. They posed for the camera even more than usual, I got every possible type of photo I could get and we all just had so much fun, like kids on a snow day.

This was a hard choice because there are four photos I got during this practice that I am truly very proud of. But at the end of the day, I feel this is the best of the best. To see the guys still out there, “playing” as the field is completely covered? That’s dedication. They ended up making this more of a walkthrough practice and ended it early. Even so, this photo shows that nothing will stop athletes from getting their job done.

I especially love that the lights are on since it was so dark because of the clouds. So the lights just had a really cool effect to an already cool moment. The snow is still falling and overall, it’s a moment out of a movie. I could not have asked for a better snow day as a photographer. I do not want to shoot in weather like this every day, but once in a while, it is a lot of fun and gets the creative juices flowing. I know i'm not alone in that thought, as any photographer.

This photo is the best of the moment that truly shows the entire snow environment. We see the snow on the ground, how cold it is because of how the players and coaches are dressed and then the heavy snow still falling down. If I didn’t get low as as I did, practically laying down in the snow, then I wouldn’t have gotten the stands in the background which always adds a good depth to the photo and in my opinion, it completes the picture perfectly.

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#9 & #8 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/-9-8---top-photos-of-2018 Well, we have finally cracked the top 10! These photos are ones that the moment I got them I said they were my favorites but it stood true even when I got other photos I would say are my favorite. Enjoy #9 & #8! 


I’m realizing more and more as I write these that most of these photos are not actually action photos, but mostly celebration photos, or something that shows off a very memorable game/arena. That’s the case for the #9 photo which is from the Notre Dame men’s basketball game against Oklahoma which was played at Madison Square Garden. I got some very good shots throughout this game, and I mean some amazing action photos, but none top this simple one.

Sure, it’s just a shot of a player waiting to inbound the ball and he doesn’t even have the ball yet. However, the best part of the photo isn’t the player at all. The best part is where this was taken: Madison Square Garden, World’s Most Famous Arena, The Garden. That’s why this overpowers any other action photo I might’ve loved from this game.

I was in the perfect spot right behind Prentiss Hubb to get him with the scoreboard right above him and most importantly the words Madison Square Garden are seen all the way at the top of the scoreboard.

I took tons of photos of this moment to capture it just perfectly and this was my favorite because I love that his hands are on his hips which in my opinion completes the photo. It gives the photo a good point of view straight from him up to the scoreboard or vice versa. The hands on the hip make him as large as the scoreboard and adds good depth on the photo. 

Lastly, since i'm sitting on the floor, only inches away from Hubb, the angle I'm getting puts the size of the stadium into a good perspective. After looking at the photo tons of time, I finally look past the Madison Square Garden written on the scoreboard and looked up. Wow, look at that ceiling and how massive this place truly is. 

defense56defense56 Favorite photo action photo of the whole year, hands down. I will always love this photo so much. Every time I look at it, I love it even more and honestly, I love the whole sequence I got of this sack Danny DeLorenzi made on the Harvard quarterback. He powered past the offensive line, flew through the air to take down the QB and the celebration afterwards made it all that much better.

DeLorenzi ended the season with 9.5 sacks and this was easily my favorite and I know I got some great photos of a few of them throughout the season. This one though, will always be the most memorable, even if it did occur in a loss. The fact I caught him as he is going mid-air is just perfection. There is not much more that I can say about that. It was just the perfect timing of a perfect moment. If he did not dive, he never could’ve gotten the QB down for the sack.

If I had been in a different place, I do not think this would have had the same effect. He is coming right at me and we can see in his face how much effort he is putting into it. I like that part of Danny’s face is covered as he reaches out to grab the QB because it really emphasizes him being in the air and of course, the amount of work it takes to do what he is doing. It is not an easy feat, even if he did make it look easy by leading the Ivy League in sacks. 

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Top Moments of 2018 - #6 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/top-moments-of-2018---6 As I have said in the past, Notre Dame was majority of my 2018 and a lot of my best moments come from my time there. This specific moment actually came this past month, which shows that even though I may not still be directly working with Notre Dame, I’ll never lost my connection to Fighting Irish Media and if they need me, they will use me and my photography skills. That was the case when Notre Dame men’s basketball came to NYC to play Oklahoma in the Jimmy V Classic game in Madison Square Garden. I made this one happen as soon as I saw this game on the schedule back in August. I reached out to the sports information director who was always a fan of my work and asked if they would need a photographer and if that photographer could be me. He approved and I confirmed it weeks before in November.

Alright, enough about how I got there. Let’s get into why this is the sixth top moment from 2018. I think the name says enough, Madison Square Garden. That is an iconic arena, especially being from NY. It’s a big deal just to go watch a sporting event there, so to say that I would be working an event there and be sitting on the floor taking photos. Yeah I would say that’s an even bigger deal.

I got there as early as I possibly could and got my pre game photos of the whole arena, got my lens ball photo and even got on the floor to get a lens ball shot of the Jimmy V Classic logo on center court. I wanted to get anything and everything I could get of this game and atmosphere because who knows if i’ll ever get another opportunity such as this again.

Then, when the game started, it all sort of happened so fast. Once the ball is tipped off, it becomes a job and another game I’m shooting and I forget where I am as I'm focused on getting the best photos possible. I was very pleased with the photos I got and so was Al, the sports information director and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. I got great photos in a great arena and even though the Irish did not come away with a win, it is a day and game I will never forget. I got to shoot in The World’s Most Famous Arena and that is something I can now say for the rest of my life.

Here are some of the shots from an unforgettable night:


0-470-47 03-5403-54 pre-game-11pre-game-11 group-24group-24 03-8103-81


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Top Moments of 2018 - #7 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/top-moment-of-2018---7 This moment is one that I NEVER could have imagined happening in my entire life. It is one of those moments that sort of just happened because I was in the right place at the right time and most importantly, I was lucky I picked up the phone. As I was driving to get some work done at my favorite cafe before heading into actual work with Columbia football, I got a call from an unknown number. Nowadays everyone gets these calls from numbers that are from your same area, so usually I would ignore it, but for some reason I had this weird feeling that I needed to answer it. Thankful everyday that I did.

The guy told me he found my photography page on facebook and needed a photographer that day for an event for Pepsi being held at Purchase College which is in White Plains, where I am located. Wow. What are the chances? I was hesitant at first, then he told me the price he’d pay me AND THEN he told me that yankees players would be there. If he had just lead off with the Yankees players I would’ve said yes right away. I’m a huge Yankee fan, have been forever and will be for the rest of my life. They are my team for life. Any chance to work with or around yankee players, current or past, I’m going to take.

I didn’t even know who the players were going to be, but I knew I had to take this opportunity and run with it. Also, the guy said it would be the easiest money I would make, and honestly he wasn’t wrong. I ended up taking photos of each person there with the three Yankees and then shot the softball game they played. This was a fan experience with Pepsi and Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams and Gary Sanchez were the Yankees in attendance. Tino and Bernie ended up getting on the field and playing with the fans, as Gary just coached at first since he would have to play in a game later that day. Bernie and Tino were such fun guys, as was Gary, but with Bernie and Tino actually playing on the field, that is more memorable. Bernie even went up and took a few swings as well as pitched and just had a blast with it. He's such a down to earth person who loves to be around the people and is so comfortable with it. I could not stop smiling the entire time while I watched this event and captured every moment.

I was sort of in a haze the entire time. I could not believe I was in the presence of these Yankees, nonetheless taking photos of them. I hit it out of the park with the photos I got and the people were thrilled with my work. That was great and all but even better was when Tino Martinez came up to me before I took the group photo and we talked for a few minutes and then afterwards he thanked me for all I did. He was such a nice guy and thankfully I got the courage to ask him for a photo and I got a photo with him, which is hard when you’re the photographer. Never know if I’m crossing the line by asking for a photo. However, he was a stand up guy, just so nice and genuine and appreciated all the work everyone at the event did and had no problem with it. Before this year I had never met any famous person or professional athlete, now I can say I’ve met a few, and the best has yet to come!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day:

DSC_9011DSC_9011 DSC_8407DSC_8407 DSC_9311DSC_9311 DSC_8970DSC_8970 DSC_9713DSC_9713

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#11 & #10 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/-11-10---top-photos-of-2018 Welcome back! We are up to #11 and #10! Hope you have been enjoying this as much as I have been. Thanks to everyone who has been reading and supporting me! I could not do what I do without you all! Now enjoy these next two photos:

Corse_Cameron-37Corse_Cameron-37 I mentioned a couple blogs and photos ago that tennis was one of my favorite sports to capture during my year with Notre Dame. That love did not stop with the men’s team. I loved capturing the women’s team just as much. They played with such passion, intensity and excitement every single match.

I was at pretty much every sporting event that Notre Dame hosted in 2018 and a lot of them included a lot of celebration since they would win majority of those events. That being said, from all those moments, this is a top five celebration photo that I love more and more each time I look at it. Cameron Corse was one of the best celebrators on the Notre Dame women’s tennis team. I mean nothing against the other girls, because they all knew how to scream and celebrate, but I think even they would agree (even though Rachel Chong would be up there as best as well). Corse just screamed so well, clenched her firsts and put her all into every single celebration.

I can still remember this match and moment as if it happened yesterday. It was the last singles match against Indiana and whoever won, took home the W for their team. What I love tennis is that when it comes down to the last match, both teams are on the court right next to them cheering on their teammates who are still competing. So you put the most intense and exciting celebrator in the clinching match and only good things can come! (Notre Dame did end up winning, however, that was a few sets after this photo).

So of course a great photo comes from a moment such as that, but I do not even know where to begin on why I love this photo so much. I'll start off with how I love the ND logo and how it is perfectly right next to her. Honestly, if it was not there, this photo not be on the list because I have tons of photos of Cameron and even her teammates screaming that are just as good, if not better than this one. Even so, not many top Corse and her exact celebration in this shot. The squatting down while clenching her fist that isn't holding her racket and screaming is just plain perfection.

It's one thing to scream while still standing as it usually happens, but to me this means that she really could not contain it and had to squat down to get every ounce of celebration out of her. There is so much intensity in her face which shows how much this means to her and in this one I am 99% she is looking over to her coach on the sideline to communicate her excitement. She can communicate so much with the celebration and I know that is what she is doing here.

Lastly, the photo is perfectly set up. With Cameron in the foreground facing the logo, your eyes flow perfectly from her, to the logo and there no confusion on where your eyes should look first. My eyes go straight to her and first thing I notice is her scream, then her fists, then the logo and my eyes go from left to right perfectly. That is key to a good photo and the key to this being a top photo. 


Some games bring a lot more really good photos than others and a lot of factors play into that. Even though Columbia lost to Harvard (and i really do not want to mention the score..) I got some of my best photos of the year. Personally, I think the main thing that I loved from this game was the contrast of Columbia's white jerseys against Harvard crimson jerseys, which looked even better when I did my post editing. You would think a game where the weather was all over the place, such as this one where it went from sunny to raining to overcast, would not be a good game to get the best photos. Well it was and the weather is one factor that put this photo over the top.

That being said, this is the first of two photos that make this list from this game and look at that, they are in the top 10! This one looks like an average photo at first glance but this is something that I rarely get this perfectly and it has stood out to me ever since the game ended. What we have here is Columbia offensive linemen going up against Harvard’s defensive linemen, giving our quarterback, Ty Lenhart (12)  time in the pocket while he is looking down the field to throw the ball and then to top it off, in the foreground of the photo we see a wide receiver, Emerson (14) running his route to get open for the ball.

Seriously, I usually do not get EVERY aspect of a play perfectly in one shot. I can get the offensive line blocking for the QB and I can get the QB looking down the field and I can get the wide receiver running their routes, but to get it all in one photo, that is what makes this a top 10 photo of the year. Then, the weather adds to the shot as we can see rain and in my opinion, when you can see the drops coming down, it makes the photo all that much better. It is not easy to play in the rain and it is not easy for the QB to have to fight through the rain to see an open teammate. Which leads me to my next reason I love this photo; we can see Ty's eyes perfectly as they are up field looking for Emerson (14) and I think it gives the photo a good flow to the photo. You see Ty and the lineman and then his eyes bring our focus to Emerson, who is not in focus but is a key to this photo. I love the fact that he is out of focus because it gives the photo great depth and completes the shot perfectly. 

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#13 & #12 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/-13-12---top-photos-of-2018 The countdown for Top 18 photos of 2018 continues and we are now on #13 and #12! 

offense234offense234 I knew one photo from Kyle Castner’s 5 touchdown performance in Columbia’s win over Brown had to make the list. This was hard to do. He had so many photos I loved from this game. The one touchdown run had about 5 photos to choose from. If I could put a gif on here then I would.. (In reality, I can do anything I wanted, as I make the rules but still this is top photos, not gifs). He had sent me his favorite from that specific sequence, and the first time I wrote this up, I went against him and chose the shot right before this, where he was flying through the air. But then, I continued to look at both photos and realized there was no way I could disagree with Kyle and not put this photo on the list.

The part that eventually made me chose this one over the other is the light hitting Kyle. It’s like the light is guiding him into the endzone and honestly it could not be hitting half his body, especially his face, any better than it is. Light is something that can be hit or miss for photographers and in this case, it a huge hit! I also love how he is holding on tight to the football to make sure it’s not going anywhere. I don’t know why but I just love how we can see the Nike logo perfectly and he is holding it perfectly. Some things are just unexplainable.

Those are not the only reasons this photo made the cut. I can’t speak for Kyle on why he loved this photo, but for me, the thing that took it over the top are the teammates seen in the background working hard to make it possible for Kyle to have a hole to run through. Running back Ryan Young (4) is completing his crucial block, while an offensive lineman Joseph Scownden (61) is continuing to block his opponent on top of the already fallen players. If those two do not complete their task, Castner wouldn’t have an open hole for the touchdown and if they were not in the photo, it would not have the same impact.

I’m sure Kyle would be the first to credit his teammates with his success. He knows that this is a team sport and one person can not be successful without the rest of the men on the field doing what they need to do for the team. That is why I’m so glad this photo shows the work that goes in to make a play successful. It shows the team sport that is football and how every player plays a crucial part in the success of the team. Kyle may have had 5 touchdowns in this game, but none of them were possible without teammates.  


For number 12 on the list, I knew it had to be a shot from the Shamrock Series of Notre Dame football versus Syracuse at Yankee Stadium. Being a huge Yankees fan and now a huge Notre Dame fan, it was surreal working this event. (I’ll talk more about this in my top moments of 2018 post, be sure to check those out) However, I didn’t really get one shot that stood above the rest. I got great action photos throughout the game, but not ones that had to make the list or were just so drop dead amazing photos. In my mind they were just your typical football game photos. However, then it dawned on me. It had to be a shot of the stadium and now it makes so much sense because this one stands out above the rest.

Earlier this year I got a lens ball, which is literally just a glass ball that turns whatever you hold it in front of upside down and lets you capture a 180-degree view of your surroundings. It’s something I had seen online where people get really cool shots of scenery and sunsets, etc. When I got it, I had what I thought was a unique idea to use it for stadiums and I think I was right. I took a shot with it of the Columbia football stadium and the response was everything I could imagine. Everyone loved it and that was when I knew I would take a lens ball photo in every stadium I shot at.

This one tops the list as best lens ball shot. I went up as high as I possibly could so I could get the whole field and stadium within the ball. The most important part were the arches. The arches at Yankee Stadium are iconic. Even without seeing the Yankee Stadium sign, you know that it is Yankees Stadium because of the arches. Then, the Notre Dame written on the field in the Yankees font can be seen perfectly as can the entire stadium. That’s why I love the lens ball, you can get every part of what you’re shooting in it and that is something that is not always possible when you’re taking an average photo with a camera or phone. Plus, it looks like I’m holding Yankee Stadium in my fingers, so that’s a cherry on top. The only thing this is missing are fans in the stands. However, I sort of like that it’s empty because for me that means I got to be in Yankee Stadium before fans were and that’s a special moment in itself.

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Top Moments of 2018 - #8 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/top-moments-of-2018---8 #8 of my top 10 moments from 2018. This has been so much fun reminiscing on my past year. I hope you all have been enjoying reading them! If you have been reading my blog posts about my top photos from 2018, you would already know that Columbia football had the awesome opportunity to have one of their walkthroughs at MetLife Stadium. Something that was a surprise for the players for most of the week leading up to it. When I found out that this was happening, I knew I had to be there to capture it. I wanted to make sure the team, the coaches and everyone involved had photos of this moment so they can truly remember it forever.

From the moment they walked onto the field, there were photos to be captured. They walked in with their phones up, taking videos and photos of the MetLife sign as well as just showcasing themselves being on a field where NFL players practice and compete every single week. There are not many exciting photos to capture during a walkthrough so I took advantage of this being a once in a lifetime moment and tried to get the MetLife sign in the back of practically every single shot. I would get low, sit on the ground, place my camera on the ground and do anything I could to get just the right shots. Here’s an example:

I was more than pleased with what I was able to get and could not wait to share them on our instagram and twitter for all of our supporters to see the cool opportunity these athletes just go to experience. That was when the coolest thing occurred. Don’t get me wrong, it was very cool that I was on an NFL field, standing where professional athletes stood. If you saw me on the field, you saw my excitement, ask any one of the players or coaches and they’d agree I was in my element and could not stop smiling.

However, when my photos were retweeted and reposted by the official NCAA FCS twitter and instagram account, that is when it became even bigger and surreal. Now, not only were the Columbia fans and my supporters seeing it, but thousands more people and football fans got to see the photos I took. It was the cherry on top to an already amazing experience that i will truly remember for the rest of my life.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the day:

DSC_2144DSC_2144 DSC_2015DSC_2015 DSC_1802DSC_1802 DSC_1738DSC_1738 DSC_1503DSC_1503


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#15 & #14 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/-15-14---top-photos-of-2018 Notre Dame takes the next two on the list coming in at #15 and #14. Take a look and enjoy the read! 

goal celebration-38goal celebration-38 Notre Dame will continue to make the list since majority of my year was spent at Notre Dame as an intern within the athletic department. Even after I completed my internship and returned home, I was still connected to the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame is apart of the ACC in sports such as soccer, basketball and lacrosse. That means they will play against Syracuse at least once a year and every other year they head to New York to play on the road. This was to my benefit once my internship was over because I lived in New York.

I was lucky enough that this was the year both women’s and men’s soccer would be traveling to upstate NY for the games. I got the approval to shoot both games and the first game was men’s soccer and that is where this photo comes into play. They took down Syracuse with a score of 3-2. It was an electric game and atmosphere. The stands were full and the game lived up to that energy the whole time.

This specific celebration came from the goal that the Notre Dame men’s soccer team ended up ranking as their top goal of the year. Felician Dumas (5) hit an unbelievable strike from a free kick and it screamed over the defenders into the top right corner of the goal over a diving goalie. The celebration might also be the top of the year as well. He turned to his teammates made some hand gestures as they all scream in happiness and turned towards the bench and crowd to point to the fans. I had a lot of choices from the whole sequence but this one stood out to me.

This one rose above the list because Dumas is perfectly in the air as he run towards the bench and even though we can’t see his face, the ones of his teammates make it perfect. Their screams and excitement are what I LOVE about this shot. The one in the back (11) looks like he can’t believe what he just saw in that goal and the other can’t hold back his excitement as he screams in Felician’s face. The celebration means even more when you realize that this goal gave the Irish a one goal cushion which ended up being the game winner after Cuse scored late.

This is just a great soccer celebration photo. Being excited for your teammates, screaming, jumping and putting every single emotion into the scream. I want to point out that it is only right Dumas is the goal scorer from this celebration, since last year he also had my favorite men’s soccer photo. Some players are really good at celebrating and he is one of them. (It also helps being in the right place and lucky when they turn your way).


I loved shooting men’s tennis at Notre Dame. Seriously, it is right up there as one of my favorite sports to capture during my time there. They played with such intensity and power. Oh and they sure knew how to celebrate. Every single match I could count on getting at least one screaming photo, whether it was during a singles match or two teammates screaming to each other in a doubles match. Either way, I got a ton during my time there and each one seemed better than the last. Which is why of course it makes sense the best one that makes this list was during their last match of the season.

Unfortunately the Irish fell to Michigan in the NCAA tournament but they did not lack grit, determination, fight or pure excitement throughout the entire match. From the first serve of the match to the last point, it was intense, exciting and hard fought. I went back to look through the photos and this photo was not the only one I could have chosen, however this one was the most unique and stood out every time. I have photos from throughout the whole season of guys screaming and clenching their first. This was the first time I had a guy jump in the air like this.

Both times these teams squared off it was a match to remember. They lost 4-3 in South Bend and headed into this post season match, it was known that it would be a close, hard fought one. That is was. There was no lack of celebration the entire day, especially as Howells and Lebedev took the win 6-2 against a ranked Michigan doubles team. Even though Michigan won the day, I think Howells won the day with this shot.

He is flying through the air, which is the best part of the entire shot, with his fist pumped fully putting everything he has into the celebration. He is screaming but you can see there is so much more behind that scream. He is most likely looking at his teammate and just letting out every feeling possible after coming away with the win. You can see the intensity on his face as his eyebrows are clenched and eyes are focused. He could even be looking at his opponents, really letting them know how he feels.

Not knowing exactly what these athletes are thinking is what makes photos such as this even more exciting. You know he’s excited or else he wouldn’t have jumped in the air! I’ll miss capturing this next year and i’ll be forever grateful for the Notre Dame men’s tennis team, they were a fun and appreciative group of boys. Good luck next year !

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Top Moments of 2018 - #9 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/top-moments-of-2018---9 In August of this year I had the pleasure of beginning an internship with the Columbia Football team which will continue throughout the whole school year. First off, I want to start off by saying that this internship has been one of the best experiences of my life. It gave me a lot of happiness when I truly needed it and changed my life for the better. A different experience than my time at Notre Dame. Both gave me happiness, just in different ways. I became a happier person every single day I got to see my Columbia boys at practice. Instead of being part of the whole athletic department, I get to be apart of the football team and it feels nice to be apart of a team.  

All season I took photos at every practice, every game and helped run the social media accounts as well as designed many different graphics. Being a photographer meant that if anything crucial or exciting was happening, I got to be there to capture it so that it could be shared on social media. This particular time was when a certain alumni was visiting and talking to the team prior to our walkthrough for the homecoming game against Dartmouth.

Marcellus Wiley, former host of SportsNation on ESPN, who is now apart of a show on FS1 called Speak For Yourself, graduated from Columbia College in 1997 and was the 22nd pick to the Buffalo Bills. He played 10 seasons in the NFL with the first four being in Buffalo before playing three in San Diego and then one season with the Cowboys before ending his career with Jacksonville for a couple years. Wiley recently wrote a book called “Never Shut Up: The Life, Opinions, and Unexpected Adventures of an NFL Outlier” and since he was in the New York area to promote the book, he took the opportunity to visit his alma mater and talk to the team.

He spoke so well and grabbed the attention of the room quickly and never lost it as he discussed what it means to be a Columbia student-athlete and how it’ll impact these young men’s lives. I was in awe the entire time. He discussed how being a Columbia graduate will change their lives and hold them to a higher standard which they deserve. Then he added that being a football player will add even more and it will teach them things they will keep with them for the rest of their lives, no matter what career they will pursue. I was in awe the whole time. I loved watching him on SportsNation and now he was standing just feet in front of me.

Afterwards he walked down to campus with the team to see the players and coaches go through the walkthrough. I made sure to stick around him so I could capture any type of moment that happened which was great because I got to introduce myself and he told me it was surreal for him to be back as he had graduated almost 20 years ago. We talked a bit and he told me how cool it was to see these young guys in action and how it brought back all these memories from his time there. He was so easy to talk to and it was a moment i'll remember forever. 


Now for me, that wasn’t even the best moment that happened while he was in town. That moment happened the following day right before kickoff. He walked out onto the field to meet up with the captains to do the coin toss and he saw me, remembered who I was, came up to me and gave me a hug! The person I was standing with was in shock and we both couldn’t believe what had just happened! I was the one he hugged and he talked to me for a second and then he went to go do what he had to do. Those type of moments just show the type of person he is, how down to earth he is and why he is If I was not already a fan of his, he made me a bigger fan on that day.

Marcellus Wiley you are truly the standard for what these Columbia football players should strive to be. Thank you for being you and giving me one of the best moments of my life and year.

Here are some of the best photos from his visit:

marcellus4marcellus4 marcellus5marcellus5 marcellus3marcellus3 marcellus8marcellus8

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#16 & #17 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/-16-17-top-photos-of-2018 The countdown continues and this time, every post until the number 1 photo of the year will have two photos. This time we are at #17 and #16 which gets one from my Columbia football boys and the first Notre Dame sport to make this list (but won't be the last). Enjoy these next two photos and come by again tomorrow for the next two! 


Columbia defense continues with the number 17 choice with this celebration after an interception late in the game against Brown. I want to start off this photo by saying, unfortunately I did not capture the actual interception that lead to this moment. I like to be honest, so I will say I was not paying attention at the moment (a rare occurrence). I actually think that I had gone to change the lens of one of my cameras so I could be ready for celebration photos at the end of the game when they got the victory. Anyone who knows me knows that I would have loved to get the interception and I always kick myself for not getting it. However, I have learned over the years to not dwell on what you did not get and focus on what you did.

That being said, what I did get was this amazing celebration right after the interception. Honestly, this was a hard choice, as there are also some amazing photos following this one that I easily could have chosen instead. However, I had talked to Murphy (8) the following week and I remember him stating how much he loved this exact photo because he loves how Landon Baty (6) and Jalen William (37) are behind him so excited.

I couldn't agree more. That is why it was the one that stood above the rest. Every single part of this photo impacts the rest of it. The ball being tossed from his hands, the faces of his teammates and Murphy screaming, all make for the best photo from the whole celebration sequence. His scream is as intense as it gets and it goes right towards the bench where his teammates are ready to celebrate and are running his direction (trust me, I have photo evidence of this if you do not believe me).

The emotion shown on his teammates, Landon Baty (6) and Jalen Williams (37) say all that needs to be said. Jalen's smile and excitement is just bursting off his face and Baty's eyes are locked in on his teammate's, who he is about to attack and hug, which is exactly what he did, with the biggest grin on his face. This photo demonstrates everything that was Columbia football this season. They played for one another every single game and play. If one teammate did something good, the others were just as excited, if not MORE excited and ready to celebrate. If one player went down hurt, a teammate was there ready to step up and make plays. They loved one another and this photo shows the love they have, therefore, it could not be left off the list! 


I made this top 18 list one too many times to count. It was not easy to narrow down thousands of photos and this photo that comes in at 16 was one that I went back and forth with so many times. I just could not make a decision until I realized that if this shot was on my mind right away, as it was the first time I made the list, there is no reason for me to leave it off since it seemed to have made such an impact on me and rises to my mind over thousands of others. It is just another celebration photo, as most of this list will be, but that is not what I see.

I see two teammates letting it all out after competing on the baseball field and coming out victorious. Their screams are letting out every hit, every pitch, every out, every error and every moment that led up to this win. Baseball is a grind. There are 9 innings, 27 outs, and hundreds of pitches. When that final out is made, there is so much relief and satisfaction. That is what these two players are showing, relief and satisfaction after a job well done by their whole team.

The other reason this photo continued to come to mind is because this shot means a lot to me. This was after a win later in the season and obviously this specific moment can only happen after a win, because that is when celebration ensues. I had seen these two players do this post game celebration time and time again, however I had never been in the right spot to capture it. Or, if I was in the right spot and players or coaches would walk right in front and block the moment perfectly.

So, FINALLY, everything came together perfectly. I was in the right spot, ready with my camera, completely clear space in front of me, and the outcome was exactly what I was looking for and more. There is emotion flowing out of both as Podkul is caught mid-air and I love that the screams can be seen from both players which makes the photo perfect. Lastly, my eyes go straight to Daily's (6) face because I love how his eyes are closed really embracing the moment and letting all of his excitement.  

Hope you have enjoyed these photos and do not forget to come back again tomorrow for #15 and #14! Lots more celebration and a lot of cool photos coming your way! 


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Top 10 Moments of 2018 - #10 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/top-10-moments-of-2018---10 2018 was quite the year. Personally, I went through some tough times as most do and learned a ton. Career related, I had the best year of my young life. I was surrounded such amazing photographers and people who gave me the best moments of my life. That's why I decided to post a blog every day for last 10 days of 2018 covering my top moments from this year. To start off with #10: Pro Day at Notre Dame.

Working in the athletic department at the University of Notre Dame, specifically with the communications offices for all of athletics which was apart of the huge team called Fighting Irish media, was the best time of my life. I was surrounded by the best, most supportive group of men and women who I will never truly be able to repay for all they gave me during my time there. The opportunities that I was able to be apart of by being apart of a top division 1 athletic program are ones that before I was there, could have only been imagined in my wildest dreams. To this day I still can not believe the events I not only got to attend, but work and take photos at.

Just the chance to shoot the football team and be on the field of historic Notre Dame stadium was an amazing experience that I will keep with me forever. That being said, I never imagined to have the opportunity to be involved in something that is bigger than Notre Dame Football. However, my mind was blown once again, when Notre Dame football hosted Pro Day for the NFL prospects on the team. Oh and I got to be there and take photos as some of the top prospects worked out in front of all 32 NFL teams that were in attendance. Cool. No big deal. An everyday occurrence, just another day here at Notre Dame... Yeah, not what was actually going through my mind when I was about to do this, I think those that know me, know exactly what was going through my mind when I found out I would be able to work it.

As I stated earlier, I worked with the best people in the world in the office of Fighting Irish Media. They were the ones that gave me opportunities such as Pro Day, which always made me feel needed as well as appreciated and not just with Pro Day, but with every event they allowed me to attend. They gave me a lot of confidence throughout the year and I thank them so much for doing all they did for me.

I went in to Pro Day just shooting to shoot, not knowing if my photos would be used for anything. Any time I get to shoot something, I want to do better than the last time I shot, so that was my goal, to improve my skills and have some fun. However, people I knew in the football offices asked if they could use them for their content and I was even more thrilled. Being there and taking photos of top round draft picks such as Quenton Nelson (6th overall pick) and Mike McGlinchey (9th overall pick) was amazing enough. Now, to have the opportunity for my photos be used on social media accounts where thousands of people would see my work was even more incredible.

Moments like this is what made working with Notre Dame so incredible. Every person in my office would always make sure the right people were doing things they were skilled in and making their work shown in the right way. I am forever grateful for the opportunities they gave me, because most of my top moments are from my time with Fighting Irish Media.

Check out some of my top photos from this day: 

Running back Josh Adams talking to the media after a full day of working out in front of all 32 NFL teams. Quenton Nelson and Mike McGlinchey gets interviewed about the upcoming draft for the NFL network. Wide Receiver Equanimeous St. Brown makes a catch during a drill in front of all 32 NFL teams. Mike McGlinchey goes through a blocking drill in front of all 32 NFL teams Quenton Nelson performs a blocking drill in front of all 32 NFL teams.


Thanks to the talented graphic designer for ND Football,  Chris Charizopoulos for using my photos for his content, check it out here


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#18 - Top Photos of 2018 https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/12/18-top-moments-of-2018 2018

What a year!

To say 2018 was my best year of photography would be an understatement. The amount of amazing opportunities I was fortunate enough to be apart of and the photos I got to capture can not be put into words. For the next 10 days, I'll be putting out a blog covering my top 18 photos from 2018. Each post, except this first one and the last one, will have two photos with an explanation about the photos and why I love them enough to chose them as my favorites.

This was not an easy task. I take thousands of photos per ONE game. So to have to chose just 18 from the hundreds of thousands of photos was excruciating to say the least. It helped that some of these photos were taken during really exciting games and at times, those moments can overtake the actual action of the photo. So let's begin!!

To start out with #18, I went with something that at first glance looks like a very average photo. This is the defense of Columbia football in a huddle during a walkthrough. Even when you read that sentence, you could question how it would make for a top 18 photo. However, when you look at the photo as a whole, I think you would agree that where this photo was taken is what makes it something that could not be left off this list.

Before their game against Harvard, Columbia football was lucky enough to have their walkthrough at MetLife Stadium, on the field where the NY Giants and Jets play. No big deal right, I mean everyone gets to do this? Not exactly. This was a once in a life time experience from the moment the bus pulled up to the stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Right when the players stepped on the field, they took videos and photos on their phones when saw the MetLife sign and that was when I knew my goal was to get the MetLife sign in the background as much as I possibly could. Walkthrough photos are not the most exciting photos, as the players are literally walking through their plays and coaches are discussing what to expect from their opponent. As the photographer, being in an NFL stadium gave me an extra factor that could make all photos that much better no matter what the players or coaches were doing. I got great photos of players taking photos of the MetLife sign and them going through plays, however, this photo stood out time and time again when I would look through all the photos.

Defensive coordinator, Coach Ferraro, is talking to his group of men about what is expected from them against Harvard. Usually with photos of huddles, the coaches are blocked by the players, but with this one, you can see coach's face is turned in the perfect way to see that he is deep into his talk, which has the attention of every single player. The MetLife sign combined with the stands and the perfect depth created from the angle the photo was taken, really shows the immensity of the stadium.

To make sure I got this the exact way I wanted, with the sign just above the huddle, I practically laid on the ground. If I had not done that, this would have turned into another group huddle photo of a team on a football field. Instead, this perspective really shows how immense of a moment this was. This is a simple shot in a memorable stadium during a once in a lifetime moment. 


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Behind The Lens with EDL Week of September 17th https://www.edlphotography.net/blog/2018/9/behindthelens-weekofseptember17th For the past month I have had the best time of my life starting my internship with Columbia University football. Columbia is located in New York City and home to the Columbia Lions. I have many responsibilities within the internship with my main one being photography during practice and on game days.

I'm pretty lucky because athletes love photos of themselves. This is one of the reasons I have the best job in the world and how I quickly became known and loved by the players, coaches and staff. After capturing every practice, the best shots are posted on my social media (@edlphotography on all social media platforms) as well as on Columbia Football social media (@ColumbiaLionsFB). The posts get a lot of love and positive feedback from the players, their families and friends, as well as the coaches. The feedback I have received so quickly makes me want to share the best photos from the whole week of practice and explain why they are my favorites. 

With this blog, the audience can get a little look and feel for what goes on in my mind and "Behind the Lens with EDL" each practice. This week you get a look at what went on as the guys were preparing for their second game of the season, which will be against Georgetown on Saturday, September 22nd. Columbia and Georgetown compete in the annual Lou Little Cup, which has been played since the 2015 season, making this years game the fourth matchup.

 Read on to see and understand my four favorite photos from the boys preparation this past week:

One Isolated Action

DSC_2638DSC_2638 First up, a simple, yet eye catching photo of something that happens on every play during a football game. The center takes the ball, the offensive lines lines up next to him and they get ready to snap the ball. This photo isolates one moment and action from the rest of the play. The defensive line not lined up across the ball, and the faces of the offensive line being cut off gives the audience a different type of focus on a play that is repeated hundreds of time a game. The essentials of the isolated moment is all that was captured. 

What makes this snapshot a favorite this week is the depth of field. I made sure to get ball perfectly in focus and clear while the foreground and background of the field turf is blurred out. That makes your eyes get immediately drawn to the football as a perfect focul point. The depth of field makes the photo look 3D like the field is extending out of the image towards you. Taking one moment and looking at it from a unique place can turn something average into something spectacular and that is how I feel about this photo.  

Rain, Speed, Focus


Rainy days are not always the most fun to play or take photos in, however, they usually give photographers and opportunity to get photos they would not get on a sunny day. For me, I love a rainy day every now and then. It gives me a chance to get that ONE photo that will perfectly capture the rain and the athlete together. This right here is that perfect shot I was looking for. The running back is coming full speed at the pad which makes water splash off, and we can see the rain is falling all around him while he securely holds the football. 

Placement is everything in photography. If I wasn't in this exact spot, I do not think the splash would have been seen as well. Additionally, the Lion on the helmet wouldn't be so clear and evident, which I love about this photo because, sure this is a photo of one football player, however since we can't really see who it is, I see this photo representing the football team. Rain does not stop these players or this team from going hard and fast every play. They play for their team, their school and that is what that logo represents, which is why it is appropriate that the logo is one of the main focus points of this shot. 


DSC_2705DSC_2705 Another equipment shot makes the list. These shots might not be the most exciting fora fan, however, for a photographer that is at every single practice, getting very similar shots every day, these are the ones I end up being the most proud of at the end of the day. Instead of the player being in focus, the helmet and his gloves are, which are an essential to the game of football. The helmet being off center gives a good focal point to start at, moving the eye from the corner up and out to the player stretching. Not everything should be focused right in the center of the image.

The depth of field is perfect for a shot like this. The player is blurred out a perfect amount so we can still see what he is doing but not completely focus on him. Like I said, I am proud of this shot. I say that because unlike a lot of action shots, where the athlete makes the shot happen with his play, I made this shot happen. I sat on the field, placed my camera on the ground, focused on the helmet and took shots until I got it with the helmet perfectly in the corner of the frame. I saw something and made it come to life as perfectly as I could have imagined. 


DSC_2661DSC_2661 This photo came to life because I was in the right place at the right time (story of a photographers life). Since I take so many photos each practice, I try to challenge myself and shoot from different angles or places on the field. For this particular shot I was sitting on the field, not getting a lot of moments from their walkthrough at the beginning of practice. Then I look up and spot the quarterback perfectly between the two wide receivers that are shown in foreground blurred out. I knew right then it would create the perfect moment. The wide receivers created a great border around the quarterback and gives everyone a different view than we normally see on the football field. Usually the quarterback, or any athlete for that matter is front and center, and only the background is out of focus.

If there was a theme for this group of photos, it would be focus. That is shown in every single photo. Whether it is focus on the ball, the helmet or the player focused during a drill. In this one, it is no different. The quarterback is focused on getting his teammates in the right position before the ball is snapped and the play is executed. Looking at his eyes is where you see the focus and if he had been facing his offensive line straight on, this photo would not have the same effect. 

There is so much more than just pointing a camera and clicking. Some photos come together with planning, some are luck, but all of them have a story behind it. I hope you enjoyed the first installment of this photo blog and please check back next week for another installment of Behind the Lens with EDL.!

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