#9 & #8 - Top Photos of 2018

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Well, we have finally cracked the top 10! These photos are ones that the moment I got them I said they were my favorites but it stood true even when I got other photos I would say are my favorite. Enjoy #9 & #8! 


I’m realizing more and more as I write these that most of these photos are not actually action photos, but mostly celebration photos, or something that shows off a very memorable game/arena. That’s the case for the #9 photo which is from the Notre Dame men’s basketball game against Oklahoma which was played at Madison Square Garden. I got some very good shots throughout this game, and I mean some amazing action photos, but none top this simple one.

Sure, it’s just a shot of a player waiting to inbound the ball and he doesn’t even have the ball yet. However, the best part of the photo isn’t the player at all. The best part is where this was taken: Madison Square Garden, World’s Most Famous Arena, The Garden. That’s why this overpowers any other action photo I might’ve loved from this game.

I was in the perfect spot right behind Prentiss Hubb to get him with the scoreboard right above him and most importantly the words Madison Square Garden are seen all the way at the top of the scoreboard.

I took tons of photos of this moment to capture it just perfectly and this was my favorite because I love that his hands are on his hips which in my opinion completes the photo. It gives the photo a good point of view straight from him up to the scoreboard or vice versa. The hands on the hip make him as large as the scoreboard and adds good depth on the photo. 

Lastly, since i'm sitting on the floor, only inches away from Hubb, the angle I'm getting puts the size of the stadium into a good perspective. After looking at the photo tons of time, I finally look past the Madison Square Garden written on the scoreboard and looked up. Wow, look at that ceiling and how massive this place truly is. 

defense56defense56 Favorite photo action photo of the whole year, hands down. I will always love this photo so much. Every time I look at it, I love it even more and honestly, I love the whole sequence I got of this sack Danny DeLorenzi made on the Harvard quarterback. He powered past the offensive line, flew through the air to take down the QB and the celebration afterwards made it all that much better.

DeLorenzi ended the season with 9.5 sacks and this was easily my favorite and I know I got some great photos of a few of them throughout the season. This one though, will always be the most memorable, even if it did occur in a loss. The fact I caught him as he is going mid-air is just perfection. There is not much more that I can say about that. It was just the perfect timing of a perfect moment. If he did not dive, he never could’ve gotten the QB down for the sack.

If I had been in a different place, I do not think this would have had the same effect. He is coming right at me and we can see in his face how much effort he is putting into it. I like that part of Danny’s face is covered as he reaches out to grab the QB because it really emphasizes him being in the air and of course, the amount of work it takes to do what he is doing. It is not an easy feat, even if he did make it look easy by leading the Ivy League in sacks. 


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