Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in working with EDL Photography for you photography needs. This is the one stop place to see what we offer and what you might need

Services offered:

  • Sports action photos
  • Sport team photoshoots
  • Individual photoshoots 
  • Scrapbooks
  • Individual or team posters 

Now, you are probably wondering how you can get one of the things mentioned above. Frist thing would be to see exactly what you are looking for and how I offer these products and services


If you would like me to attend a sporting event for your team or child, there are a couple of different ways to purchase photos 

  1. Pay $200 upfront per game.
    • This would get you and your team the entire game of photos
    • The game would be posted on my website and all photos would be available to download. 
  2. Parents individually pay $40 per kid, per game
    • This would get the parent and athlete an individual gallery on my website. If I happen to attend multiple games, then each game would be in their gallery. All photos are available to download. 
    • There needs to be a certain number of interested parents before I attend. Without that, I will not attend. The number depends on the sport/teams. I will not attend a game to only shoot for one athlete. 
    • The whole game will still be posted on my website with a watermark on all the photos, so parents who didn't purchase can still see the photos of their athlete and see if they would want to purchase after the fact 
    • If I do attend the game, and there were parents who did not purchase photos before the game but are now interested, they are still able to purchase those photos. 


If you are interested in a team photoshoot here are your options:

  1. Platinum team photoshoot $250
    • full team photo
    • multiple individual shots of each player
    • group shots of each grade (Freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors)
    • captains photo
    • coaches photo
  2. Gold team photoshoot $200
    • full team photo
    • one individual shot of each player
    • coaches photo
    • captains photo
  3. Silver $125
    • full team photo
    • coaches photo
    • senior group photo
  4. Bronze $85
    • full team photo
    • senior group photo